Monday, 14 January 2019

Vogue Knitting Winter 2018/2019: A Review

Vogue Knitting has released their Winter 2018/2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Pattern #1, Cabled Poncho. I like this design better than most poncho designs, probably because it has shape and detail and almost passes for a sweater.

Pattern #2, Peplum Pullover. I like the fit and flare -- and the beautiful cables -- of this one.

Pattern #3, Cabled Pullover. Not bad, though I would fix those dropped shoulders.

Pattern #4, Diamond Poncho. A handsome piece. Its diagonal lines give it a certain smartness.

Pattern #5, Cabled Cardigan. Nice detailing on this one, and the shape is good too.

Pattern #6, Cable Front Cardigan. Classic cardigan.

Pattern #7, Argyle Vest. A simple, wearable take on the classic argyle vest.

Pattern #8, Cubix Shawl. This one could be a great stash buster, and it's visually interesting.

Pattern #9, Flicker Poncho. This one is a little too afghan-y for me as to its stitchwork, though I must admit its shape is good and it sits well.

Pattern #10, Brioche Shawl. A rather appealing contemporary wrap.

Pattern #11, Two-Color Pullover. This one's a little rough and ready for my tastes, but I suppose it would be wearable enough if one just fixed the dropped shoulders, and it would be fun to play with the colour choices on this one -- this dull light gray and ivory combination doesn't do much for it.

Pattern #12, Heart Pullover. This one looks like a dog sweater knit large rather than something that really belongs on a grown woman.

Pattern #13, Sleeveless A-line Dress. This one looks like some sort of orphanage uniform cosplay. That's due to the styling, but I don't quite know what could have been done with this piece. It's almost irretrievably sack-like, and making it in plain ivory didn't help.

Pattern #14, Striped Pulled Over & Scarf. I'm digging the concept of a striped sweater with a coordinating colour blocked scarf.

Pattern #15, Oversized Shawl. Not bad, but this is one of those wraps that I can't help but feel would look best left on a couch.

Pattern #16, Winter Lake Stole. Such beautiful lacework.

Pattern #17, Hylla Cardigan. I'm not a fan of the dolman sleeve, but I actually rather like this one. It looks quite good from the back, if not quite as good from the side. I think I'd nix the ridge between the ribbing and the stitch used through the body as it stands out too much and not in a good way.

Pattern #18, Offset Triangle Shawl. Not bad at all. I rather like the unusual colour combination, and the interesting stripes and stitchwork combined with minimal finishing.

Pattern 19, Argyle Turtleneck. Oh, I remember this Adrienne Vittadini design, which originally appeared in Vogue Kniting's Winter 1996/97 issue, a rather battered copy of which sits on my pattern library shelf. It's a smart, wearable piece. I haven't made it yet, but that doesn't mean I won't.

Pattern 20, Striped Jacket. I rather like this one, though the drape front cardigan is ordinarily not my thing. The stripe combination works so beautifully and the design hangs pretty well.

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  1. Pattern #16 - the variegated yarn doesn't work well with the lace patterning. You can't see the lace. Would have been better to do with a solid or semi-solid or even tonal.