Friday, 8 February 2019

Cast On Spring 2019: A Review

Cast On has released their Spring 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Accordion Cowl. I'd like to see this cowl and set of decorative cinches in a more sophisticated palette, and modelled on a person. Looking at them as they are leaves me feeling like I'm looking at some sort of strange bathroom cozies, and trying to imagine exactly what sort of personal care implements they would be for.

Buttoned Cup Cozy. These look a little rough and ready. Not that I've ever been one to care to use a cup cozy. They'd get stained with tea or coffee so quickly.

Crochet-Knit Shell Pillow. Very pretty. Covering your pillow form with an interesting contrasting or complementary fabric could be a nice extra touch for this piece, since so much of it is on view under the lace.

Delicately Warm. It's a well-shaped tank, but that is one unattractive variegated yarn.

Fox Happiness. Adorable!

Indian Cross Pillow. Another beautiful cushion cover with great stitchwork.

Intarsia Puntas Top. The colour blocking, interesting edging, and shaping give this simple tank such a sophisticated, polished edge.

Kirwa Shawl. Nice stitchwork, but this project deserved a more attractive yarn.

Lace Sweater with Godets. I'm impressed that this designer managed to combine such complex shaping with such intricate lacework so impeccably.

Linen CoverUp. This is an okay beach cover-up, but I have seen better.

Lorica of St. Patrick. Classic cabled men's sweater.

My Garden Window. What a pretty little stole.

Poppies. This lovely little jacket would be a great way to ease into the techniques of steeking and mitred corners.

Seafoam Top. This is a rather nice little cardigan, but that wretched magenta variegated yarn (I mean, whyyyyyyyy????) is giving me such a case of retina burn that I can barely look at it.

Shower Stitch Jumper. Lovely little girl's dress.

Spring Shower Socks. I can't say I exactly crave thigh-high socks in the spring, but okay.

The Rocky Hills. Very attractive shawl.

Twillingate Cardigan. This isn't at all a bad piece, but man is that long narrow silhouette a difficult one for a woman to pull off. I'd skip that bottom panel, and perhaps just edge the bottom with that lace mesh stitch.

Weaving Diamonds Sweater. Very much like the combination of a stranded pattern, colour blocking, and saddle shoulder construction, which makes for an eye-catching total look.

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  1. Hmmm...that last look though. I have broad shoulders, and I'd look like a linebacker in that!