Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Mystery of the Unsigned Yarn Bombs

In March 2012, a mystery yarn bomber, or bombers, decorated a railing on a pier in Saltburn, Yorkshire with a a 3-dimensional scarf commemorating the 2012 Olympics.

Residents of Saltburn wondered if the it could be the same yarn bomber who'd previously added various knitted decorations to several locations in town since 2011, such as the selection of Royal Jubilee yarn bombs that appeared on the handrail near the top of the incline tramway.

Now the yarn bomber, or possibly a group of them, struck again in May, decorating the railing on the Saltburn pier with a second and even more elaborate yarn bomb, this time with an aquatic theme. The Saltburn residents seem universally delighted with the wit, skill, and invention of the yarn bombs, but curious as to who could be responsible.

Given the scale of the projects, I think it more likely that it's a group of people than just one, but who knows where and how they'll strike next, or if they'll ever be identified? Who knows what yarn bombs designs lurk in the hearts of knitters?

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