Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Knit.Wear Fall/Winter 2013: A Review

Knit.wear has released their Fall/Winter 2013 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

This is the Metallic Chevron Pullover. I hemmed and hawed over this one. Was it too afghan-like, as chevron pattern stuff has a tendency to be, or was it not? I think I'm going to come down on the "not too afghan-like" side. The cream sleeves and ribbing help to tone down the chevrons, as does choosing a sophisticated colourway.

The Drawstring Pullover. I like this one. It's simple yet with distinguishing touches in the cowl and the sleeves, and it helps that it's made in a yarn that looks ever so soft and luxurious.

Can't say I care for the Eyelet Raglan. Those eyelet chains are supposed to look like a design feature but instead look like inreases and decreases that shouldn't be showing.

The Textured Shawl is elegantly understated, and this shawl looks good worn several ways.

The Tucked Pullover works because the designer didn't stop with the tucking detail but also carefully shaped the sweater to make it flattering.

I am really not liking the big floppy scarf that is a titular part of the Attached Scarf Cardigan. This is no way to treat a perfectly nice cardigan.

I very much liked the Envelope Hat, until I saw how it morphs into a Bag Hat at the back.

Not a fan of the Asymmetrical Collar Jacket. I do have a definite anti-asymmetry bias, but it can work when the asymmetry is more accomplished than this. These collars just look askew rather than as though they were taking the eye in an unexpected direction.

I love the Askew Vest until I look down at the bottom. I've honestly tried to like the bottom ribbing, and I can't. The narrow ribbing between the askew wider ribbing looks for all the world like those extra teeth that sometimes appear in people's gums above their adult teeth. The back looks great, the collar is nice, I love the diagonal cable, and I'd be finishing off the bottom of the vest with a plain band of cable just like the back.

The Bias Lace Tank is really pretty. It's a piece that would give a lot of interest to a very basic outfit consisting of a plain shirt and trousers or pencil skirt.

I love the Swaying Cables Scarf, which is only garter stitch and cables and yet somehow manages to be a statement piece, look good any way it's wrapped, and also look incredibly warm. You can't ask more than that of a scarf.

The Twelve Cables Pullover is such a terrific piece I just had to include all three photos of it. It's Aran weight but so beautifully shaped it will be reasonably easy to carry off. Those face framing cables are just jaw-dropping.

The Horizontal Cowl Pullover looks pretty good from the front but the back view leaves much to be desired.

The Pocket Hem Pullover just looks like it's on inside out.

The Kite Cardigan looks roughly made and sloppy. Even this professional model hasn't been able to lend it any grace.

I was going to say I wished the Double Knit Scarf had a better-finished edge, but the more I look at it the more I realize that any finishing technique I can think of would ruin its look. It's a conceptual yet minimalist piece, and it is just what it's supposed to be.

I quite like the Ring Collar Pullover, though I'm not thrilled with the way the cream "ring around the collar" is pulling away from the others and showing the underside. If I made this one I'd look for a way to fashion those rings so they'd lie firmly in place.

I like the Lace Insert Pullover except for one thing: the way the collar sags in front. I'd be inclined to put some other kind of collar on this one.

This is the Double Puff Dolman, and my goodness is it unflattering. It manages to look okay on the cover, but just look what will happen when you move your arms. Telling you how to fix it would involve my creating a whole new design, so I suggest you just knit something else.

I think I'd like the modern Shaped-Intarsia Tunic much better if it were in more attractive colours — gray, brown and mustard aren't exactly a colourway made in heaven.

There are several things about Dressmaker Jacket I like: the shaping, the colourway, the silver clasps. But I never can get behind cardigans that don't quite meet in the front. They always look like they are too small, though it's working better in this instance than it usually does. If you feel the same way, you can these jacket fronts wide enough in front to fit, and add in a welt on one side to cover any gaping.

I just love the High-Collar Wrap Cardigan, with its amazing front shaping and exquisite back details, except for one thing, and you can probably guess what that is: that awful pucker where there's probably an inside button. The eye just zeroes in on it. I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of that. It would be a challenge, unless you want to use double-sided tape or something, and who wants to do that. I'm coming up with sewing a mock button on top of it (though then you'll have to add two or four more buttons down below to balance out the top ones).

Hmm. As you may already know from past reviews, I'm not one to give dropped sleeves and oversized cuts a pass. I'm inclined to let it go in the case of the Turtleneck Jacket, though. The slim sleeves keep the silhouette from looking sloppy, and the back does look so good. I think this is a piece that can work over a fitted outfit. It's the 2013 version of the swing coat.

And we end well with the Cabled Bands Pullover, which I quite like. Though I do think the cuffs need detail, but to be fair it's difficult to say what. Cables like those around the bottom and neck would be too heavy. Bands of the reversed stockinette that is used at the seams might work.


  1. The collar on that High Collar Cardigan is just beautiful. I would attach a ribbon and flat hook to the point of the underlap side and hook it to an eye at the side seam. It will always be worn closed anyway. Make the ribbon long enough to just hold the underlap in place but not pull on it.

  2. Beware the Tucked Pullover, why is the model having to pull it down in the front?

  3. Well I know we don't always see eye-to-eye on these sweaters, but the 12-cable one? Really? Looks like the girl got swallowed by an octopus with a big bum...

  4. I can see your point re: the octopus with the big butt, Little Miss Know-it-all. But I do stand by my love for that Twelve Cables Pullover design. There's something just so satisfying about the way all those cables flow together and it frames the face amazingly.