Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pinned Up

Today's post is about the jewelry of knitting: the shawl pin. You might need a way to keep that drape front cardigan or lace shawl securely in place, and obviously your lovingly and intricately hand-knitted pieces deserve so much better than even the most discrete safety pin. So I've put together a sampling of shawl pins for your perusal. This doesn't pretend to be a "best of" post, as there are far too many beautiful shawl pins out there for me to choose among. No, these pins are simply some of those that caught my eye, and if you'd like something different I recommend a image Google search along the lines of "wood cat shawl pin" or "silver Celtic shawl pin" or whatever style and material you'd like.

Some of my favourite shawl pins were traditional Celtic pennanular brooches. You're in no danger of losing the pin with this style as it's fastened to the ring. The large silver penannular brooch above is from Isle of Mull Silver & Goldsmiths. Do remember that the penanular brooch is properly worn with the pin sticking up.

Love the quiet distinction of this one, the Off-Center Disk Shawl Pin, from Dreamweaver Yarns. The stick is rosewood and ebony.

This is the Sweet Pea Vine Shawl Pin, from Dreamweaver Yarns. The stick is rosewood and the ring white bronze.

This is the Garnet Heart Yarn Pin, from Adorn Handmade Jewelry, and it's handmade out of sterling silver. I recommend a look at the other styles available at Acorn Handmade Jewelry too.

This is the Filigree Sterling Silver Stick Pin from Goosepond.

This mother of pearl round pin is from Mary Maxim.

This dragonfly pin is from Sassy 2 Stitch. It's hand-carved from buffalo and steer horn.

This simple wooden pin is from Colorful Stitches.

This is the Flared-End Penannular Shawl Pin, from Stitch Diva Studios. A very simple, spare style of shawl pin might be the way to go if you want only one shawl pin, because then it will be likely to go with everything.

This is the Summer Stripe Wavy Shawl Pin, by Bonnie Bishoff Designs, available from Halcyon Yarn.

This shell shawl pin is from Annie's Crafts. There are many carved shell pins available, and they do tend to be among the least expensive shawl pins, although I can't answer for how well they'd survive a drop to the floor.

I would be remiss if I didn't feature some of the non-ring-and-stick style pins that are available. You can get a shawl pin that is just a simple stick pin, such as this Flower Stick Shawl Pin by Bonnie Bishoff Designs, available at Halcyon Yarn.

The other style available is the closed pin that resembles a safety pin. It's probably the most secure type of pin, but I do find it much less aesthetically pleasing than the ring and stick style pin. This orange bead pin is designed by Gina Reynolds, and is available from Knitting Boutique.


  1. Decisions, decisions. All of these shawl pins are stunningly beautiful in their own way. First to make my shawl ....

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am surprised you didn't mention the spiral type of shawl in. All One piece, nothing to lose. I found mine, very lightweight, at my LYS in the buttons! My current favorite shop is Bent Spoon Jewelry. Check out She has one piece pins, and two piece ones connected by a chain! I drool over them, and am hoping to get one for Christmas!

    purplepenguin on Ravelry

  3. Oh, I almost forgot! I also like the unique styles at Plover Designs, One piece, simple and classy!