Monday, 23 December 2013

Creative Knitting Spring 2014: A Review

Creative Knitting has just published its Spring 2014 issue. Two days before Christmas may not seem like the most apropos time to start thinking about spring knitting (and I'm typing this minutes after reaching home following an umbrella-less walk through freezing rain), but I suppose it's never too soon to begin browsing through the next season's patterns and dreaming of future projects. Let's have a look.

Rather like this Accent on Asymmetry pattern. It's simple and I can think of a number of ways to style it, including wearing it as a beach cover-up.

The Crossover pullover would be fine except for whatever's going on with that hem. I assume that's a sort of reverse engineered asymmetry that's supposed to look stylish, but it just looks like a mistake.

Ethereal Delight. This sweater looks pretty good on this model, but given the clinging fit and the wide open front I suspect it's one of those sweaters that will only flatter a model-type figure and be rather brutally uncomplementary on the rest of us.

The Quickie Cardigan. Don't care for this one, which looks like it's full of dropped stitches, and will catch on everything, which will make it look like it's full of pulled dropped stitches.

The Serendipity Poncho. I think this one might work if it weren't done in such an afghan-like yarn. Knitted in a colour or a neutral, and worn over the right outfit, this might actually have a bit of style, but here it looks like the model should be accessorized with throw pillows.

Bath Time for Baby washcloths. These could be a pretty and useful addition to a bathroom, even if you don't have a baby.

The Take it From the Top Cardi. Not a bad little baby cardigan.

The Double Take Tunic. This looks rather unflatteringly baggy, and I don't like the muddy colours used here. I'd reshape it to a closer fit, shorten the sleeves, and use a more striking colour scheme.

The Kathryn Vest. This vest isn't the kind of thing I'd normally like at all, but I kind of like it in this instance. It hangs well and has an interesting texture. I'd do it in a less off-beat colourway, though. The shaping and texture give it all the visual interest it needs.

The Polka Dot Tabard. I can't sign off on this one. The baggy shape, naive pattern and child-like colourway make it look like something a kindergarten teacher would wear when she's given up on looking her best and is simply looking to wear something that will amuse the kids.

The Pop Art Afghan. I rather like this one, though I am imagining it in different colourways. It has a modern, desconstructed appeal.

The Ripple Effect top. I just can't deal with this retina-searing colourway, but I think I might like the style if it were done in an attractive one. It's a striking new approach to the empire waisted top.

The Seeds and Stripes infinity scarf. I rather like this cowl, though it wouldn't be my idea of spring wear, even in cotton.

The Skysong shawl is very pretty, and would make an interesting wrap for a simple summer outfit.

The Super-Simple Ombré Colorwork cardigan. I quite like this little summer cardigan, which is a kind of simplified Fair Isle look. It has a smart, sporty look.

The Cates top. This isn't bad. I'd consider knitting it all in one colour. The three colours make it look a little choppy.

The Columbine Cardigan. This one's classic and elegant, and yet interesting.

The First Lace Cowl is very pretty.

The Meandrous Tunic. Love this one. It's beautiful and eye-catching, and yet totally wearable.

Can't say I like the One Skein, Two Hours lace scarf, but it very well be the Taco Bell colourway that's putting me off. I wish I could get a closer look at the lace work.

The Sublime Shibori Shawl looks like a lovely piece of work.

The Bits & Pieces and Color-Dipped Leaves... what am I supposed to call this? A "design"? A "necklace"? Because it looks like something a small child brought home from summer camp and proudly presented to his or her mother, who accepted it as graciously as possible and then quietly made it disappear a few months later after it had been safely forgotten.

The Color-Block Headband. I see we're still looking at summer camp crafts, although this is one the mother can at least bring herself to wear a few times (around home) before making it disappear along with the necklace above.

A selection of knitted collars. Top left: On the Side. Top right: Pretty in Picot. Bottom left: She's So Edgy. Bottom right: Understated Simplicity. Knitted collars like these aren't bad little accessories if you put them with the right outfit and are the girly type who can carry them off.

The In the Nick of Time Neckerchief. Can't quite see the point of this one. It's not going to provide any warmth and it's not all that attractive.

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