Friday, 20 December 2013

Whoooo Likes Owl-Themed Knitting?

Here's a selection of owl-themed knits, for no better reason than it's my mother's birthday today and she has a thing for owls "because they're wise and they have big eyes". The sweater above is the Ari Owl Sweater, by Brandy Fortune. The pattern appears in Fortune's book Just Like Me Knits: Matching Patterns for Kids and Their Favorite Dolls.

I see the Owls sweater pattern, by Kate Davies, pop up often in the newsfeed for The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done's Facebook page because it's regularly linked to on other knitting pages. It's easy to understand why, when it's a charming little twist on the classic cabled yoke sweater. This pattern is available for £4.50(GBP).

This is the adorable Owls Baby Blanket, by Simone Rees. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download, although Rees does request that anyone who downloads the pattern will consider donating whatever sum she or he thinks the pattern is worth to one of her suggested charities, or to another charity of the downloader's choice.

These are the Owl Mitts, by Amanda Jones. It's easy to understand the appeal of designing with owls when they're so easy to work into a cabled pattern. This pattern is available for free.

Love the dual view of the Owls In a Tree Mittens, by Fact Woman. This pattern is available for $5.95(USD).

This Night Owl toy, by Alan Dart, embodies how I feel when I'm heading off to bed, except I don't look anything like this appealing. This pattern is available for download for £3.00(GBP).

The Owlunder short-sleeved baby sweater, by Kasa Amend, is very striking and cute. This pattern is available for $3.50(USD).

These are the Moonlight Owls mittens, by Daria Sorokina. I find this offbeat colourway really appealing, but of course these mittens could be done in any colourway you wish. This pattern is available for $5.00(USD).

The Fair Owl Socks, by Friederike Erbslein, were just so cute I had to include them, although I think the pattern is only available in German. This pattern is available for €3.00(EUR)

The Hooter Hat, by Katie Boyette, will boldly declare your love of owls. The pattern appears in Boyette's book Wearable KnitWits.

This is the Owlie Bling Scarf, by Karoline Peterson. This pattern is available for $5.00(USD).

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