Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Interweave Knits Spring 2015: A Review

Interweave Knits has released their Spring 2015 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Potter's Shawl. Simple little shawl with enough detail to make it attractive. The staging of this photo is a bit of an eye roller, because I can't think of anything less likely to mix well than a hand knit shawl and wet clay. Even Demi Moore managed to be more authentic than this when she mucked about in clay in Ghost (i.e., she went sleeveless and had a shirtless Patrick Swayze draped over her rather than a shawl).

Ribbon Tool Shawl. Pretty, and the shape lends itself to being worn a few ways and to staying in place in general.

Velum Cardigan. I usually don't care for these loose drape front cardigans as they tend to look frumpy on non-model types (which, of course, is most of us), but this one isn't too bad. It lies well and has good texture and detail. I still wouldn't recommend it for a short woman, though.

Beech Leaf Shawl. Not as taken with this one. The rolling inner edge makes it look unfinished, and the shape is a bit awkward.

One Way Tee. Cute little summer top.

Timetable Pullover. The combination of a cropped front hem, lace-trimmed mullet hem, and elbow-length long sleeves just make this one look askew and unfinished.

Five Points Shawl. Nice contemporary-looking piece.

Stone's Throw Socks. Nice! I like the combination of a variegated yarn and a subtle ripple pattern.

Sleeper Car Jacket. This open front cardigan is quite pretty in itself, but it looks frumpy even on the model. I'd be inclined to add some waist shaping and neaten up the fit a bit.

Eastbound Sweater. This shaping is so 1980s, and that's not good. This kind of boxy, oversized fit combined with dropped shoulders does no woman any favours.

See what I mean about this being 1980s shaping? It's so 80s, it's Flashdance.

Second Story Tee. Another nice summer top. The diagonal lines are an effective touch. I do think the piece could use some waist shaping, though.

Union Station Cardigan. Very much like this one, which is pretty and well-shaped, with a visually striking chevron lace pattern. This piece definitely deserved better than to be styled over overalls.

Endless Rose Cowl. The pattern on this is lovely, but the height and stiffness of the cowl does give it an unfortunate resemblance to a neck brace. I'd consider cutting this down a little to suit the neck length of the intended wearer.

Rheya Cardigan. This lacy cardigan is attractive enough, but the fit and the cropped sleeve length is giving it a shrunk-in-the-wash look, and I am having a hard time looking past the pleated shorts they've been paired with. Knife-pleated shorts, Interweave Knits? Really?

Corcoran Pullover. Not favourably impressed with this one. The stitchwork is a little too afghan-like and the model's bra is visible through it.

Miranda Cardigan. Quite like this very wearable, contemporary design. This is my idea of a good open front cardigan that would look good on most women, because the neat shape keeps it flattering and polished-looking.

Gibraltar Henley. Nice looking sweater. I'm imagining it in white or ivory and getting a lot of use as a go-to piece for those occasional chilly summer days or evenings.

Honey Pullover. Great shaping and attractive lace detailing on the sleeves is all this piece needs to make it work. This is one to make in a fresh, bright shade of the intended wearer's favourite colour so she can love wearing it all summer long.


  1. What do you have against the 80's? You say something looks 80's as if it's a terrible mistake rather than the intended result. 80's looks are back on trend, from what I've seen when I take my teenaged daughter shopping.

    1. Doesn't really matter that something is back on trend, if one doesn't like the fit and look of the trend itself...
      Then again, that fact that I choose clothe that fit me, and that make me look and feel good over trendy stuff, probably explains it all ;-)

  2. It seems to me as if the Corcoran pullover is meant to be see-through. I think the model is wearing a tank/cami underneath though.

  3. I miss the days when Interweave Knits would include at least a few cute patterns for plus sizes/ women with larger busts. I let my subscription lapse a couple of years ago because I got so tired of admiring a sweater pattern, only to discover that it's several inches too small for my bust. I'm not confident in my abilities to size up a pattern. And, frankly, I'm lazy enough that I won't bother, I'll skip the too-small stuff and find pattern that are sized to fit me.

  4. Some nice designs, but waaay to much oatmeal/dirty greenish colourways. And you´re right, the endless rose pattern is too beautiful to be wasted on this kind of cowl. Maybe someone on ravelry will come up with a garment design thast does this pattern justice.

  5. Thanks for the link to the "Ghost" shot! Ah, memories....