Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Slip Sliding Into Slippers

I had meant to write a post on selected slippers for the northern hemisphere's first day of winter back in December, but I think I got buried under review posts that week and never got around to it. However, such a topic seems just as appropriate for a mid-January post, especially since, as I write this in Toronto, my furnace thermostat is set at 23 degrees while the actual temperature in my house is 17, and I am holding my breath and hoping against hope that my 1991 vintage furnace makes it through this winter.

There are so many, many slipper patterns out there that I won't claim this is any sort of representative or "best of" selection. It is, rather, a collection of patterns that caught my eye due to their whimsy or style. The first pattern is the one pictured above, the Monster Baby Booties, designed by Ravelry member Needyl. It's a free pattern.

These are Sengeli's Silver Slippers, designed by Lisa Jacobs. A common complaint I have about knitted slippers is how clumsy and shapeless they can look. I look for certain elegance and shapeliness in my slippers. This pair has both. One suggested mod might be to work the decorations on these in beads rather than in embroidery.

If you really love your Chucks so much you'd like to sleep in them, these Slipper socks, designed by Rea Jarvenpaa, might be for you. This pattern is available for €4.99(EUR).

I like the simple, attractive, Knotted Slipper pattern, designed by Julie Weisenberger. This pattern is available for $8(USD).

I can't say I like my feet to look like something off The Muppet Show prop table, but designs like this are fun and perfect for children. These are the Step Softly slippers, designed by Birch Hollow Cottage.

These Quiescent slippers, designed by Hunter Hammersen, have a certain smartness to them. This pattern is available for $6.50(USD).

The Toasty Toes children's slipper pattern, by Susan Mills, might be perfect for your little monster. This pattern was published in Vogue® Knitting on the Go! Felting.

These are the Twinkle Toes Slippers, by Mary Scott Huff. They are well-shaped and the embellishments are pretty. This pattern is available for free.

These cute little booties are the Peerie Weerie Booties, by Carrie Bostick Hoge, and the pattern was published in Fair Isle Style: 20 Fresh Designs for a Classic Technique.

These felted slippers, designed by Monique Rae, have a contemporary vibe. This is a free pattern.

There's nothing quite as much fun as making your small, unknowing child wear something absurd, is there? These Duck slippers, by Jeny Staiman, will be guaranteed to make everyone who looks at your baby snicker. It's a free pattern.

And we end with the elaborately embellished Ballet Flats, by Marta McCall. This pattern was published in Knitted Gifts: Irresistible Projects To Make and Give.

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