Monday, 12 January 2015

Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 57: A Review

Rowan has published issue 57 of the Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Simona. Lovely little shawl.

Zarah. The front of this top looks unobjectionable, but the pattern description mentions that it's "strappy" and has "ribbon across the back", so I would need to see a back view before I sign off on it.

Mariella. Nice little surplice top for summer.

Esta. Classic lace cardigan.

Alda. Not thrilled with this one. The empire line and the loose sleeves will make it unflattering on many women.

Eloisa. This woman fought the doily, and it was an inconclusive win.

Donnie. Cropped length items flatter very few women, and the body of this sweater looks absurdly shrunken when compared to the sleeves.

Violetta. Love the textured leaf stitch used here.

Fia. Very pretty, though again the pattern mentions that this design has a "lace back" which isn't shown here.

Nicci. Not too taken with this one. It does have a forties vibe to it, which I like, and it's well-shaped, but the waistband looks a little random. This top needs some finishing details in the waistband stitch, such as a collar or cuffs, to pull it together.

Elda. The black-on-white intarsia floral motif here is lovely, but I'm not caring much for the oversized tunic shaping, which tends to look rather frumpy on most women. I'd neaten up the shaping and make this in a relaxed fit tunic instead.

Catarina. Lovely textured pullover for summer, though I would fix those dropped shoulders.

Massa. This sweater looks like it was made out of a circus tent, and not successfully.

Poppi. This top isn't bad overall, but the colour combination is doing nothing for it and I suspect it could probably use some waist shaping.

Borro. This is... okay... at least compared to the circus tent number a few designs above. I think I'd want to go with a higher contrast colourway.

Prato. The shaping could be better (I'd suggest waist shaping and a slightly neater fit), and this colourway isn't working well.

Sorano. A dull colourway, dropped shoulders, and it's huge. Next!

Arezzo. Interesting pattern and the shaping is good overall, though I would correct the dropped shoulders.

Empoli. Quite like this one. The saddle shoulder construction works well with the stripe design.

Vicchio. The design of this one is good, though I'd go with another colourway. This one is a little too close to pastel.

Sieci. Openwork crochet in a linen yarn. It looks like a shopping bag with sleeves and I'd expect it would feel chafey.

Cetona. I think I would like this crocheted top better in a solid colour. It has a decent shape and texture, and making it multi-tone is overegging the pudding.

Masotti. Quite like this one, with its open cable pattern. This stitch adds texture without adding bulk.

Olympia. Cute but needs shaping and a little more length. Cropped and boxy is a bad shape for most women.

Hestia. I like this one. The shaping of the neckline and the detail around it give an otherwise standard tunic all the interest and style it needs.

Aldephe. Nice little tank.

Delia. More than a little too shapeless.

Alexus. Not a bad little dress, though it does look like it could do with some waist shaping.

Philomena. Cute little top.

Ianthe. Simple, useful pullover.

Elektra. This piece was clearly meant to be a knitted take on the denim vest, and it's not bad. I think I might be inclined to make it in a yarn that isn't denim-like, though, like a fine wool or even a luxury mohair, as that would mean it could be worn with more items than just jeans.

Cybele. This cropped surplice sweater is unflattering even on the model.

Artemisia. The description for this item refers to it as an "open back cardigan". It's clearly not a cardigan, and my guess is it isn't open back either. It looks like a very basic pullover and seems unobjectionable.

Nemesis. Simple pullover, but what makes it special is that it's knitted in Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. Kidsilk Haze really is one luscious, beautiful yarn that elevates any project it's used for.

Arcadia. This has a couple of interesting textural details, but the oversized fit looks none too flattering even on the model.


  1. Thank you for another honest review! I find the Rowan magazines a puzzling sort - a lot of patterns look appealing at first sight but turn out to be quite unflattering in reality.

  2. I like to play this little game with your reviews; I look at the item, form an opinion...then see if it matches yours. Love this and all review posts...thanks!