Friday, 3 July 2015

Color Wheel Knits: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at Color Wheel Knits: Knits for Hand Dyed Yarns, written by Veera Välimäki and published by Cooperative Press. Cooperative Press has authorized me to give away an e-copy of the book to one lucky reader, so if you're interested in possibly scoring that copy, please visit this blog's Facebook page for details.

Concrete pullover. Nice one! As someone who can't wear a turtleneck, I do love a cowl neck. Between the cap sleeves, cowl neck, and waist shaping, this pullover has some good, flattering lines going on. Good use of texture too.

Spruce Cap. Cute, and the use of a two-tone chevron stitch to evoke the shape of spruce needles is really inspired.

Tin Soldier. Not so taken with this one. It looks awkwardly proportioned and unfinished.

Green Cables Cardigan. Adorable! It's simple yet has lots of style and would look just as good over a dress as it would over jeans or leggings.

Fine Jacket. Not liking this one much. The front "pleats" look more like poor workmanship than like a successful design.

Ground Vest. I'm not a big fan of this style, but if you like the open front, long, sleeveless vest style, this isn't a bad example of it. It has decent lines and the quality of the yarn used here really upgrades it.

Little Miss Frill top. This looks both baggy and rumpled.

Classic Cables Hat. Cute basic hat.

Little Red hooded cardigan. Very basic, but it has good lines and the yarn choice makes it.

Wonder Stripes pullover. Not thrilled with this one. The broken stripe pattern is interesting, but the neckline is a clumsy shape and the colourway could have been better. Something higher contrast would have done more for this design.

Afloat in Red Cardigan. This looks like someone's old, stretched out "around home" sweater. It's unflattering and frumpy.

Stripe & Cable Mittens. Cute. The two-tone effect used here works really well.

Bric-a-Brac Hat and Cowl. This is a handsome and not unstylish set.

Color Block top. This piece has good lines and a finished look, but the patch of yellow at the hem has that "I ran out of yarn as I was desperately trying to finish this piece on Christmas Eve and grabbed a random skein from my stash" look. I'd forget about this sad attempt at colourblocking and instead add stripes or some sort of other repeating design in a contrast colour.

Button Back Pullover. I like the idea of bridging two colours with a two-tone garter section, but am not sure about the back buttoned effect, which when viewed from the hindside makes this young boy look as though he might be wearing a girdle.

Knit & Purl Mittens. These look well-shaped, and a simple use of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch gives them some texture.

Skyline sweater. Simple and sleek. I'd be inclined to lengthen this one and turn it into a dress.

Freezing Point sweater. This is pretty wearable. If the intended wearer is less hipsterish than the model, a change of buttons would turn this sweater into something suitable for the more conservatively dressed man.

Grid Plan Cowl. Lovely and simple and really sits well.

Be Mine Cardigan. Nice piece with some distinctive lines.

Cable Scarf. Lovely classic piece that any man would be glad to wear, unless he's one of those cave men types who insists on going out in sub-zero weather half-dressed because he believes his manly chest hair will keep him warm. Yes, there are several of those men in my family, why do you ask?

Beetle Cap. Very cute. The herringbone stitch and the visor really set this cap apart from the run-of-the-mill knitted cap.

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  1. Green cables cardigan has my top vote. However, there are several others close behind! Overall, very nice patterns.
    Ravelry: Iamsomewhere