Monday, 13 July 2015

Knitter's Magazine K119: A Review

Knitter's Magazine has released issue number 119. Let's have a look at it.

Circle the Square afghan. Nice-looking piece. I like the integration of traditional lace and geometric lines.

Mint Cascade cardigan. Very pretty! One would almost have to make this one in some shade of green.

Aqua Frieze cardigan. Love the design of this one, though the cropped length and open front design do give it something of that "shrunk in the wash" look. But then it could always be lengthened and reshaped.

Shetland Squares pullover. This piece is constructed by sewing two large rectangles together, and it looks like it. I'd add waist shaping and neaten up the fit somewhat. There's a reason why we don't all wear sandwich board outfits.

Citrus Bars afghan. LOVE this one. Both the yarns used and the design work together perfectly to make a simple yet lovely and striking piece.

Entrelac Magic afghan. This isn't the impressive piece of design the previous afghan is, but it's attractive and functional enough. There are more inspiring yarns to use for it than those used here.

Prismatic Panels afghan. This is a new wave interpretation of the classic ripple afghan.

Monkey Business booties. Very cute!

Monkey Business hat. Simple but attractive enough.

Wee Waldo booties. I'm not sure too many people will get the Waldo reference unless the rest of the baby's outfit is in keeping with the theme, but these are nice enough in themselves.

Wee Waldo sweater and cap. Cute. It's hard to go wrong when knitting a striped sweater for a child.

Boxed Lilac top. The lacework and colour of this top is lovely, but it's not something that will be flattering on most women. Even this professional model isn't able to make it look all that good. I'd reshape it into a slightly oversized, drapey top, and nix the mudflaps on the sides.

Monkey Bars baby blanket. Nice piece of contemporary design. I'd be inclined to forego the sock monkey colourway and explore the many other possibilities.

Tracts & Trails. This looks a little too much like eighties-era vinyl upholstery to me. However, I think I might like it better in another colourway, as this one isn't quite pulling together.

Symphony of Stripes shawl. The texture of this piece looks luscious (given that it's made of silk and mohair it could hardly be otherwise), but that is one unattractive colourway and I can't imagine how one would style this shawl, as it would go with nothing but the most basic of basic outfits. I'd dial back the number of colours used from five to three or less.

Wears Waldo pullover. Basic striped baby's sweater, but I do give points for the punny name.

Hiding in the Shadows baby blanket. The basic striped baby blanket you see in the backrgound is actually illusion knitting, which is rather a cool concept for a baby blanket, though I do think I'd want to go with another theme.

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  1. On the monkey bars blanket they include a square with a monkey face on it which ups the cute factor of the blanket. The preview pic doesn't show it.

    The boxy tops are actually in a section labeled "boxy tops", so the design element of those is deliberate.