Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rowan Knitting & Crocheting Magazine 58: A Review (Part 2)

In this post we're going to look at the second half of the patterns in Rowan Knitting & Crocheting Magazine 58, the first half of the review having been posted yesterday.

Blizzard. Gorgeous tapestry-patterned coat.

Frosty. There's some great detailing on this one.

Frozen. Another beautiful intricate pattern.

Windy Scarf. The cables on this scarf really stand out.

Snowy. How elegant!

Brisk. This one isn't very flattering. It would look better if the body was striped vertically rather than horizontally, and fit a bit more neatly.

Shivery Wrap. Beautifully lacy wrap.

Crisp. Love the stitchwork used here. It's popcorn knit gone sophisticated.

Wintery. If you'd described this one to me (i.e., as a tunnelneck pullover with ruffled elbow sleeves), I probably would have expected to dislike it, but this is actually quite cute. Though I don't know that I care to see it worn with a long-sleeved under layer.

Chilly. I wish I could get a better look at how this piece is constructed. I suspect it's too unconstructed to sit well in the front without the aid of the brooch. The texture is lovely but sweaters that flop open in front aren't so appealing worn in other places than a carefully styled photo.

Enya. This is very "early eighties elementary school teacher", and not in a good way.

Noelle. This is a good rendering of the classic cable and rib pullover.

Brannagh. Not bad. This one maybe calls for a more interesting yarn choice.

Cleona. I would have gone with a more interesting and intricate centre design here, such as a Celtic knot.

Dervla. Very basic ribbed sweater. The shaping is very good, and I think this design would benefit from being knitted in a non-oatmeal coloured yarn.

Bevan. The squarish lines of the yoke give this piece a clunky look. I'd be inclined to omit the orange section and knit it in stockinette in the main colour. The first two bands of the yoke frame the face so well and add enough visual interest that the sweater doesn't need anything else.

D'Arcy. I like the "lacy sleeve with a solid body" look. I'd just fixed the dropped shoulder.

Sheenagh. Gorgeous intarsia on this pullover.

Brona. Not a bad simple sweater, but I would do some reshaping. As you can see here, all that extra material around the model's waist is doing her no favours.

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