Friday, 30 October 2015

Bergère de France 180: A Review, part deux

Let's have a look at the second half of the patterns in Bergère de France 180, the first part of the review having been posted this past Wednesday.

Pattern #21, Striped Beanie. Basic hat. The yarn choice works pretty well with it.

Pattern #22, Snood. Another very simple pattern.

Pattern #23, Fair Isle Beanie. Fairly effective stitchwork on this.

Pattern #24, Cape. 'Tis the season not to dress your child in a Christmas tree skirt. Actually, why don't we keep the spirit of that season all year round and avoid the whole night visits from the three ghosts of hideous capes fiasco, especially when the Ghost of Hideous Capes Past is going to be wearing something from the 1970s that reeks of mildew and pot?

Pattern #25, Roll Edge Sweater. Another basic pattern, but this is something that most young boys would find quite unobjectionable.

Pattern #26, Fingerless Gloves. Er, people will pay money for a "design" that required this little effort? It makes you think.

Pattern #27, Fair Isle Bobble Beanie. I rather like this one. The colour scheme really pops.

Pattern #28, Beanie. There are way cuter and better designed hats out there than this low level effort.

Pattern #29, Three Tone Bobble Beanie. Fairly simple piece but the right colour scheme (which this one is not) could make it look rather cute.

Pattern #30, Snood and Bracelet. If you're not going to put more effort into making your child's accessories than this, just take her to Claire's.

Pattern #31, Fingerless Gloves. These do have some slight appeal, though they still look rather slapped together and crude.

Pattern #32, Legwarmers. For the parents who feel their daughter isn't getting enough of that character-building bullying. I'm glad this child model's face doesn't show in any of the legwarmer shots. Even her feet look embarrassed.

Pattern #33, Large Snood. This is rather appealing. The stripes and the colour scheme are effective. I think I'd leave the tassels off if it were intended for a boy, though.

Pattern #34, Slippers. These don't look too bad overall but that is one ridiculous way of constructing the anklet. Those flaps on the front look like envelopes and remind me of Mark Twain's epigram, "Why do you sit there like a letter with no address?"

Pattern #35, Cable Cover. Er, no. I'm not even sure encasing electrical cords in yarn is safe.

Pattern #36, Fancy Rib Cushion Cover. Not a bad-looking simple stitch, but you probably don't need a pattern for it.

Pattern #37, Garter Stitch Cushion Cover, and Pattern #38, Seed Stitch Cushion Cover. And you definitely do not need a pattern for these.

Pattern #39, Panda Sweater. You've got to give Bergère de France some credit for trying to give a panda sweater some edge.

Pattern #40, Stag's Head Sweater. I would have named this pattern the Mutant Alien Head Sweater.

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