Friday, 16 October 2015

Vogue Knitting Holiday 2015: A Review

Vogue Knitting has released its Holiday 2015 issue. Let's have a look at the patterns therein.

Pattern #1, Mock-Neck Shift. Can't say this one is doing it for me. It's so coarse-looking and the collar and cut aren't flattering.

Pattern #2, Beaded Shawl. An exquisite piece of work.

Pattern #3, Fair Isle Yoke Pullover. I appreciate the effort to think out of the box, but I don't know if all these studs and beads are really adding anything to this design.

Pattern #4, Beaded Gloves. Love these gloves. They're something unique and special, and yet quiet enough to be worn every day.

Pattern #5, Beaded Wristers. I don't care for these, but it's probably because they're wristers. I'd add hand coverage to this design, because then the result would be a rather rocker chic pair of gloves that would go well with black leather anything.

Pattern #6, Fan Lace Scarf. Another lovely lacy design.

Pattern #7, Convertible Buttoned Scarf. A very handsome and even striking piece.

Pattern #8, Fringed Scarf. This one could easily have been too afghan-like, but the variegated yarn chosen here makes it. Those thin and varying lines of colour elevate the scarf from couch wear to near Missoni levels.

Pattern #9, Lace Leaf Wrap. It's hard to go wrong with a classic lace wrap.

Pattern #10, Oversized Shawl. This is so big and awkward-looking and those slipped stitches look like runs.

Pattern #11, Fair Isle Blanket Shawl. I very much like the design of this one, but that shape is going to be hard to wear. It looks awkward even on the model.

An Evening on the Beach. This pattern and the next two were designed by the winners of the Mohair South Africa/Vogue Knitting "Warmth of Mohair" blanket design contest. This one won the contest. It wouldn't have been my choice. I'm not such a Philistine that I can't see its merits, as it has a certain visual interest in its interplay of texture and colour and it would be the right finishing touch in some coolly and sleekly understated loft apartment, but this kind of post modern abstract design is really not my thing.

Exotic Grace. This was the People's Choice award winner. It's a lovely and striking piece.

Kitali. This crocheted afghan was the first runner up. It's a fairly traditional afghan style but the off-beat colour scheme has made it something unique.

Pattern #12, Batwing Pullover. The overall design isn't bad, but if I were to wear those batwing sleeves, they would make me feel like I was wearing a tent, and worse, leave no knickknack standing and no plate of food unsmeared.

Pattern #13, Oversized Pullover. Unflattering and drab.

Pattern #14, Boxy Jacket. I rather like this one. The texture and the cut give it a smart look. This would be a nice way to top off a simple, fitted outfit.

Pattern #15, Cabled Sweater Dress. This is too bulky to be flattering. I think I'd correct for bulkiness by neatening up the fit and making the sleeves and bodice in stockinette.

Pattern #16, Hooded Dress. Tent-like and unfinished-looking.

Pattern #17, Open-Front Cardigan. I like the overall design, but I'd make this standard fit. Swamping women in a metre of excess fabric is really no way to make them look or feel their best.

Pattern #18, Drop-Shoulder Pullover. All I can say about this one is that it looks like the perfect depression wear. Assuming, that is, that you want to stay depressed.

Pattern #19, Boxy Pullover. This kind of cropped, boxy silhouette flatters almost no one and the sweater looks rather slapped together.

Pattern #20, Cropped Raglan Pullover. Looks to me like the designer of this one was knitting while drunk, accidentally added an extra neckline to the bottom of it, and decided to just go with it because, well, vodka.

Pattern #21, Loose Tunic. This is rather pretty, but it is so big. I'd neaten up the fit somewhat to a relaxed fit.

Pattern #22, Seed-Stitch Cardi. This isn't so bad. It fits and hangs well, it would look good worn over either dresses, skirts, or trousers, and it has a certain understated style to it. If knitted in a neutral colour it could be a nice useful piece to throw on over a number of other outfits on chilly days.

Pattern #23, Cropped Poncho. Not a bad little basic capelet.

Pattern #24, Fair Isle Stocking. This is well designed, if a little country for my tastes.


  1. I like the blue capelet. The fine lace shawls are gorgeous but I cannot count stitches, so they would be out of my league. I, personally, do not like saggy, baggy clothing so most of the other designs do not appeal.

  2. I don't like the actual neck of pattern 20. As you say, it looks like the designer was drunk, and in addition to adding a neckline to the bottom of the piece, they got halfway through adding a hood to the top before realizing that they didn't want a hood at all on this. And then continued on without realizing they had put the half-hood on so that it would have covered the wearer's face instead of the back of their head.

  3. Your post confirmed my decision to not renew my Vogue Knitting subscription.