Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Bergère de France 180: A Review, part un

Bergère de France has released issue number 180, which is a collection of fall and winter designs for children aged 2 to 12. Let's have a look at the first twenty patterns in it, shall we? Part deux of the review will be posted this Friday.

Pattern #1, Bodywarmer. Just to remind everyone, bathmats belong on the bathroom floor, not on your child.

Pattern #2, Sweater with Yoke. This is nice on the whole, though that yoke does look more than a little like a braided rag rug.

Pattern #3, Button-Neck Sweater. Decent basic design.

Pattern #4, Long Sweater. Nice texture on this one, and it would look cute over a pair of leggings.

Pattern #5, High Neck Sweater. This is a very decent piece of graphic design, and the idea of pulling out an accent colour with matching buttons is a nice idea.

Pattern #6, Fair Isle Hoodie. Not a bad look, though the fair isle pattern looks like a hieroglyphics version of the Rorschach ink blot test. I see palm trees and pyramids. What do you see in that pattern?

Pattern #7, Shawl Collar Jacket. Nice classic jacket.

Pattern #8, Sleeveless Bodywarmer. Rather a cute little jacket. I'd refine the shape of it somewhat, though. I don't like fitted clothes on children, but I also don't see the appeal of dressing kids in trapezoids.

Pattern #9, Sweater with Fair Isle Collar. Really like the added touch of a fair isle collar and pocket on this otherwise plain sweater. It's really quite an original look.

Pattern #10, Loose Fit Hoodie. I think most kids would find this so large and heavy as to be cumbersome.

Pattern #11, Furry Look Jacket. Again, people, friends don't let friends dress their children in bathmats.

Pattern #12, High Neck Collar. There are better designed cowls than this one.

Pattern #13, Short Sleeved Tunic. I can't say I've ever liked the short-sleeved sweater over a long-sleeved top look, and yet one wouldn't dress a child in a sweater this warm and leave her arms bare. I'd make this one with long sleeves.

Pattern #14, Hooded Jacket. Not a bad jacket, though those pockets look a little off. I think the problem is that they need to be a few inches bigger to make them proportional to the rest of the item.

Pattern #15, Cardigan. This one's rather too blah and featureless. Making it in a brighter, more attractive colour would help a lot.

Pattern #16, Hooded Coat. I like this coat, but I don't like the tassels on it. A more interesting button choice would be a better way to step up the look a little.

Pattern #17, Shawl Collar Herringbone Sweater. Nice piece.

Pattern #18, Jacket with Removable Hood. Not a bad look. It has something of the classic pea coat's appeal.

Pattern #19, Fair Isle Bobble Beanie. Nice simple little hat.

Pattern #20, Fair Isle Sweater. Interesting varied pattern on this, though it does deserve a more interesting colourway.

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