Friday, 17 June 2016

Bergère de France 183: A Review Part Deux

We've previously had a look at the first half of the patterns in Bergère de France issue 183, so let's move on to the second half.

Pattern #23, Short Sleeve Sweater -- Soft & Luxurious Version. Frumpy and dumpy.

Pattern #24, Snood. Adding the cowl does help a little, but not enough.

Pattern #25, Dress -- Flecked Check Version. I'm liking the checked effect, and the shaping is quite good, but I think I'd make this item in either a dress or a sweater length rather than as a tunic.

Pattern #26, Dress -- Classic Sparkling Version. This is supposed to be a dress, but it is not a dress. It is, rather, a clear indication that the designer needs to go back to the drawing board and to put in some actual effort next time.

Pattern #27, Sweater-Poncho. If I were editrice of Bergère de France, I'd consign the designer of this one back to the drawing board along with the designer of the previous item.

Pattern #28, Snood. And no, the addition of this cowl would not convince me to let the designer off drawing board duty.

Pattern #29, Poncho. This would look much better on a couch than on a person.

Pattern #30, Sweater. It seems to be one of Bergère de France's pet beliefs that if you throw a lot of random "decorative" crap on a design, you'll distract possible purchasers from the basic faults and limitations of the design. Which in this case is that poorly designed collar.

Pattern #31, Bodywarmer. Come on, Bergère de France, couldn't you have made some effort to shape the front sides of this piece at least a little?

Pattern #32, Beanie; and Pattern #33, Snood. Not a bad-looking hat and cowl set.

Pattern #34, Bag. Bergère de France sells these bag-making kits, and it does look like a very decent product, but they've never come up with a decent design for them yet. This one is... okay, just okay, and certainly better than some of the past horrors Bergère de France has come up with... but the kit deserves so much better. I'd like to see this bag done in a beautiful Fair Isle or cabled design for instance, or maybe something like a houndstooth pattern.

Pattern #35, Bag. Not much of an improvement on the previous design, and that cross-stitching looks crude.

Pattern #36, Hooded Scarf. This is... wearable. I suppose it might appeal to the kind of woman who visits her sick grandmother regularly.

Pattern #37, Hooded Scarf. The same hooded scarf again, this time in taupe. I am not sure why Bergère de France decided that putting a design in a different colour qualified it for its own pattern number and page.

Pattern #38, Cap; and Pattern #39, Scarf. Not a bad-looking hat and scarf set, though I think I would add a fringe to the scarf ends.

Pattern #40, Rug. Rather a nice simple rug, but be warned this is knitted with ten strands of the recommended yarn, which could be a bit of challenge.

Pattern #41, Diamond Patterned Cushion. This isn't bad -- it's even a little effective -- but I still find myself wishing the designer had put a little more effort into it.

Pattern #42, Plain Cushion. This thing is so plain, it's a nonentity. Why on earth would anyone need or want a pattern for something this dead simple?

Pattern #43, Jacquard Cushion. Simple and striking.

Pattern #44, Jacket. This is another piece that the designer apparently slapped together with minimal effort. I have to give Bergère de France credit for styling and photographing it in a way that looks very close to chic, but this jacket would look like a frumpy, droopy, undesigned nothing in actual life.


  1. I agree with your assessment of the red hooded scarf. They were all the rage when I was a child but I didn't like wearing pointy things with tassels and I sure wouldn't wear it now. Bergere de France has had some good designs in the past but now I find them less than inspiring.

  2. I hate their obsession with that bland oatmeal is just so horrible. Not that a great color would help many of these designs, but at least then I could ooh and ah over a petty yarn.

    This company does nothing to support the concept that the French are naturally chic.....yeeeeshhh.....