Monday, 27 June 2016

Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2016: A Review

The Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2016 issue preview pictures are out! Let's have a look at them.

Pattern #1. Some lovely stitchwork in this cowl, and the yarn used here looks especially luscious.

Pattern #2. Good lines and interesting detail.

Pattern #3. Not thrilled with all those loose stitches in this scarf, which remind me of runs in stockings.

Pattern #4. Very pretty pinwheel effect in this wrap.

Pattern #5. This afghan has a vintage-y feel to it, but in a good way.

Pattern #6. Very much like this capelet. It has a polished, sophisticated look that would go to the office as well as most other places.

Pattern #7. This one's really eyecatching. You can't not notice it.

Pattern #8. This v-neck is as basic as it gets, but the shaping is so good that all it needs is a beautiful yarn.

Pattern #9. This pullover would ordinarily not be my kind of thing (note the dropped shoulders), but I think it's working. The texture is interesting, it drapes well, and it has an elegantly relaxed and understated look to it.

Pattern #10. This three-quarter length jacket looks unfinished. The pockets look rough and crooked at the bottom, and there's no visual interest or any particular style to the garment.

Pattern #11. Another unfinished-looking piece. Adding some sort of band to those front edges would have helped.

Pattern #12. Not a bad look. The exaggerated length of it gives it interest, though this will also be a difficult piece for a short woman to carry off. But then it could be scaled down a little for the vertically challenged.

Pattern #13. Another basic piece with good lines. These pieces are a great way to showcase a beautiful or interesting yarn.

Pattern #14. This Peruvian-style cap is a little roughly constructed and busy for my tastes, but it is also kind of fun and the colour scheme has a fresh feel to it.

Pattern #15. This one is a little too architectural for an item that's to be worn. These motifs would be better suited to throw cushion or afghan design.

Pattern #16. Very pretty, and the subtle colourway is lovely.

Pattern #17. The graphics look better suited to a child than an adult, and the colour scheme is giving me retina burn.

Pattern #18. Very nice!

Pattern #19. The stitchwork leaves me with a confused feeling, like it's an advanced Rorschach ink blot test, but I must admit that the black and white makes this piece striking.

Pattern #20. Quite like the vest, with its good shaping and unique detail, though the way it's styled here does nothing for it.

Pattern #21. Attractive and polished.

Pattern #22. This is not only a lovely and versatile piece, but it looks as though it would be a pure pleasure to wear it. I want to put this on and never take it off.

Pattern #23. Bulky, shapeless, and crudely put together. How did this get in here?

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  1. Wow...all in all this is issue has some lovely pieces! I guess I will need to pick up a copy! (I no longer buy magazines without reading your reviews first)