Monday, 14 November 2016

Interweave Knits Winter 2017: A Review

Interweave Knits has released its Winter 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Limerick Henley. This is okay, but I'm not liking that dog-eared front placket. Wearing it buttoned up would solve the problem.

Cork Pullover. Classic cabled sweater.

Dublin Pullover. A particularly gorgeous fair isle pullover. Love the colourway.

Tullamore Pullover. Another solid classic.

Galway Pullover. Some attractively intricate cable work on this.

Bangor Pullover. A handsome classic.

Killarney Tunic. A simple tunic like this could be a useful piece in a woman's wardrobe. You might want to adjust the length of this one to the wearer's height, as a lot of women would find it difficult to carry off a long line piece. The idea is to make a tunic rather than something that presents as a shrunken dress.

Belfast Cardigan. This one's just about perfect -- it sits so well, and the cables are so well-plotted. I love the shawl collar.

Ennis Pullover. Unsurprisingly for what is clearly an Irish-themed set of designs (see the pattern names), the designers have gone all out on the classic cabled sweater.

Donegal Sweater. Love the diamond stitchwork in this one, and the shaping is very good.

Newcastle Cardigan. Strikingly attractive and unique.

Bray Cardigan. Another classic cabled cardigan.

Solstice Capelet. A lovely little capelet. This could be perfectly wearable for those of us who have no intention (or, er, opportunity) of getting married too.

Waxwing Shawl. A pretty and ethereal shawl.

Brambling Topper. What a pretty, lacy top.

Juul Cardigan. I wish I could be more certain of the design of this one -- it's difficult to tell what's going on in the front. It does look a little too much on the clumsy and bulky side to me.

Snow Bunting Jacket. This one would be a stunning piece to wear over a simple bridal gown or other dressy outfit. The lace work is gorgeous and the lines are simple yet stylish.

Maria's Veil. This one looks like quite a high-impact bridal accessory in the photo, but I have my suspicions as to how well it would remain in place if the wearer weren't clutching at it the way this model is. It is an undeniably impressive piece of lacework regardless. Also, if the name is a nod to The Sound of Music... well-played, Interweave Knits.


  1. Is it just me, or has IK been stepping up its game? I went through years of rarely giving their designs a second glance, and this is now the second issue from them this year that I might purchase. Admittedly, these designs veer toward classic rather than fashion-forward, but if I am going to spend the time and money to knit a garment (vs. accessory), I want it to be wearable for many, many years. These fit the bill. Thanks for your review.

  2. Agree - they are definitely back on track with this issue, which I'll buy for myself and slip into someone's Christmas stocking. Thanks for bringing it to us, Orange Swan.

  3. Lovely cables but I want more cardigans! Some of them could be cardiganized.
    The Newcastle Cowl is something I'd never wear, but I suppose it's warm.
    The white things and lace things aren't my street at all.

  4. Definitely are getting better. I've passed the last years of issues because there was hardly anything I liked. Thanks for reviewing it so I know to start remembering to pick it up again.

  5. Nice designs in the new Interweave -- nice enough that I will probably buy this issue.

    However, I have to wonder what was going on with the necklines of Tullamore and Killarney that the model had to yank the necklines out of position. I'm always suspicious of those kinds of poses! Perhaps the magazine itself will have some additional pix that show the intended lay of the necklines in question.