Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Vogue Knitting Holiday 2016: A Review

Vogue Knitting has released its Holiday 2016 issue. Let's have a look at what's knitted and in vogue these holidays, shall we?

Pattern #1. A lovely contemporary piece, and it's reversible. I'd have put silver beads on this instead of gold.

Pattern #2. Very attractive and carefully detailed piece.

Pattern #3. Nice gradient effect.

Pattern #4. That's some awesome stitchwork, and the shaping complements it.

Pattern #5. Kind of schlumpy.

Pattern #6. This could work with the right outfit, but I think it would make me feel as though I were wearing a life preserver made out of the Michelin Tire Man.

Pattern #7. A handsome and super warm-looking throw.

Pattern #8. Love this one. But then solid colour sweaters with beautifully intricate yokes are my jam.

Pattern #9. Oh Vogue Knitting, it's like you're designing just for me.

Pattern #10. Very pretty fair isle, and the colourway is charming.

Pattern #11. Nice cardigan, though my one nitpick is that those sleeves are an awkward length.

Pattern #12. The pattern is rather eye-catching, though it deserved better styling than to be worn over a x-larger t-shirt, which gives the total look a "just running out to a convenience store in pajamas" air.

Pattern #13. Quite a simple effect, but it's attractive enough.

Pattern #14. The texture's kind of interesting, but the selection of a variegated yarn made the final result way too busy, and this is a style that will look frumpy on most women, especially when it's so bulky.

Pattern #15. That's some impressive stitchwork, but this would look better as the afghan it so nearly is.

Pattern #16. Nice looking shawl. I'd like to see this in a more interesting colourway.

Pattern #17. I'd be afraid I would slap someone with all the excess sleeve drapery every time I raised an arm.

Pattern #18. This looks a tad on the heavy side, but I do like the intricately worked mosaic stitchwork.

Pattern #19. Some incredibly striking and impressive stitchwork in this one. And the kimono shaping works with it.

Pattern #20. Nicely shaped and detailed jacket.

Pattern #21. I can't say I care all that much for this shaping of this wrap, but the mosaic stitchwork is so incredibly impressive that it almost carries the piece. I'd still rather see this done as a jacket or as a shawl rather than as a hybrid of the two.

Pattern #22. The fresh blue ripples of this are pretty, but I would neaten up the fit and fix those dropped shoulders.

Pattern #23. These legwarmers are a cute and very young-looking design, but I can't help but feel they need feet in them.

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