Monday, 28 November 2016

Knit Simple Winter 2016: A Review

Knit Simple has released its Winter 2016 issue. Let's have a look at the easy knits therein, shall we?

These knitted caps are simple and attractive.

These mitts aren't bad on the whole, but I think I'd omit the flaring cuffs and end (or begin) the mitts at the ribbing.

Not bad. I can't help wishing that fair isle pattern were a touch more subtle and complex.

Sweet little child's cardigan.

This hanging looks like a thrift shop seventies-era poncho someone hung on the wall.

Attractive and eye-catching afghan.

Very basic yarn basket. I suspect that one would have to keep it full of yarn or it would flop over.

A very smart pair of throw pillows.

These look like random swaths of knitting thrown randomly about a model's neck.

This model appears to have gotten her head stuck in her current knitting project which, whatever it is, was intended to be something other than a headband.

Boot toppers came out a few years back and I still haven't come around to liking them much, as I often do with new trends. I think I'd like these better if they were on a different kind of boot, such as something taller.

This is very basic, though I suppose it's useful enough. If you're knitting something very simple and easy, going with an interesting or beautiful yarn can be a good way to elevate the look of it to the next level.

Your basic oversized stocking cap.

Some simple warm socks.

This isn't a bad little tote bag, but it would need to be lined with fabric to keep it from stretching to hell and back.

Quite a pretty scarf. I like the lattice stitch.

This is a rather fun little topper for a simple, casual outfit.

A nice-looking heavy scarf with some decent texture.

Furry yarn does lend itself nicely to simple scarves. This scarf is made with a slit in it to help secure the scarf, but I'd just make it long enough to slipknot around the neck instead.

Classic ribbed sweater vest.

I prefer this one to the last one, as the stitchwork in this one is so much more interesting. I'm wondering if this photo and the previous ones are two sides of the same design, but I hope not, as I don't think they work together.

This one's rather a handsome piece. I like the combination of classic cables and ribs with the modern zipper.

Not such a fan of this one. The shaping is off, and whoever knitted this vest didn't pick up enough stitches around the neck, with the result that the neckband is pulling the horizontal stripes askew.

These two crocheted cowls appear to be made from potholders.

Not a bad hat. I like the addition of a faux fur pom pom.


  1. Particularly interested in your commentary on the striped vest, re the neckline pickup distorting the stripes. I've always wondered what so often causes that -- and now I have a clue! Haven't made very many striped garments (they don't flatter my particular apple-ish shape) but it's always possible I would work one up for a gift. And now I can avoide that hiked-up-in-the-middle stripe. Thanks!

  2. I think I can live without this issue! I love this comment that you made: This model appears to have gotten her head stuck in her current knitting project which, whatever it is, was intended to be something other than a headband.
    Very clever and spot on!

  3. Oh, my. These don't look easy to me. I've made a crocheted basket similar to the one shown. Using cotton yarn and single crocheting tightly, they do stand on their own. Thank you.