Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Interweave Knits Fall 2017: A Review

Interweave Knits has released its Fall 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it.

All Who Wander Cowl. Lovely. The pattern is very attractive, and I'm also enjoying the offbeat colourway.

Angelina Pullover. The yoke is good, but that is one unflattering shape.

Astral Road Ruana. That cape is one beautiful piece of work, but I can't help feeling it would show to better advantage on a couch.

Cash Pullover. Nice piece. The cabling has an Art Deco feel.

Free Falling Pullover. A very decent piece, but I can't help feeling that it needed a more finished-looking neckline.

Gold Rush Shawl. What an exquisite piece of lace.

Goldsmobile Top. This isn't such a badly designed piece -- the cables and shaping are good -- but I can't get past the thought that a heavy, turtlenecked vest isn't a concept that makes much sense.

Hank's Pullover. A very decent, wearable piece.

Highway 61 Pullover. A classic piece, though I have my reservations about the fit through the lower body -- it looks too loose and floppy in several of the pictures.

Madame George Pullover. Nice wearable piece with some textured stitchwork to keep the look interesting.

Nelson Pullover. Love this one, which perfectly integrates contemporary (the drawstring neckline) and classic (the cables) details in an attractive, wearable piece.

Prairie Wind Cardigan. I'm liking the fair isle and the hood, but that is one dowdy shape.

Subterraneans Cardigan. Beautiful, classic cardigan... that deserved better than this "sister wife" styling.

Tangled up in Gray Pullover. Nice! I especially like the back detail.

Whiskey Creek Pullover. This one isn't bad -- the shape is excellent and the shawl collar sits perfectly -- but I think it needed something a little more, like a marled effect in the reverse stockinette stitch panel.

Whitman Hat. Cute and rather eye-catching cap.

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