Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Knitting Traditions Fall 2017: A Review

Knitting Traditions has released their Fall 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Aviatrix Pullover. Not a bad piece. The grommets and leather laces give it a bit of edge. I'd be inclined to fix the dropped shoulders, and possibly to try the effect of replacing the leather cord with ribbon.

Camera Bag. This one is fun. Those vintage camera bags often do make smart and useful tote bags, so why not a hipsterish knitted version?

Crystal Palace Shawl. This lovely shawl was inspired by the famous entry hall of Victorian England's Great Exhibition's Crystal Palace. I don't suppose that Prince Albert ever expected that his grand project would still be inspiring creative artists over a century and a half later.

Cuirassier's Cardigan. This one sits rather poorly and is bulgy in the front.

Flying Car Bolero. Cute piece. I'm liking the steampunk vibe.

Graven Wrap. A beautiful wrap with some architectural cables.

Haubergeon Sweater. A classic, wearable piece with some nice detailing on the sleeves.

Incognito Spats. These have the look of toilet paper cosies for the feet.

Jacquard Boot Toppers. These also remind me of toilet paper cosies, though in this case I do love the contrast slip stitch effect used here and would very interested to see the effect employed in another design.

Kashmiri Shawl. What a gorgeous piece of work.

Manchester Pullover. Nice piece. I'd be inclined to do this one in a soft wool yarn rather than a cotton yarn (which tends to have a crisper look) for a more romantic effect.

Morris Flower & Vine Mitts. These are a pretty bit of needlework -- I love the beautiful motifs on the back and the lace is lovely -- though I am at somewhat of a loss as to what one would wear with them. I suppose they'd look fine on someone with a romantic bohemian dress sense.

Nottingham Socks. Oooh, love these plaid socks, with their fun, sporty feel.

Samurai Cowl. Another beautiful lacy piece, and it's quite versatile as it can be worn as a cowl, a poncho, or a hood.

Scarab Cowl. Fun, attractive, and eye-catching.

Shebeke Tam. An attractive stained glass-inspired tam that looks good from all angles. I'm not so crazy about the colourway, but that's easily remedied.

Steampunk Pullover. Love this one. The shaping is excellent and the gears motif is well-designed and smart.

Thousand Miles Purse. This is quite pretty, and will prove equally useful to those who are into Victorian costuming, steam punk enthusiasts, and those who just want an attractive evening bag.


  1. those mitts might be better if the motifs were all the same color... look a bit gaudy to me

  2. Hmmm, the Flying Car Bolero looks like you ran out of yarn or ambition about one-fifth of the way through an actual sweater.