Friday, 23 November 2018

Knitscene Accents: A Review

Today on The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done, we're going to have a look at Knitscene Accents, which is a new spin-off title from the ever-prolific Interweave Press.

Vitality Wrap. Excellent textural interest in this one.

Turning Corners Wrap. Seriously cool mosaic effect in this one.

Breaker Cowl. Nice piece.

Rutted Hat. Wearable neutral piece.

Snowy Peaks Hat. Traditional fair isle hat.

Mixed Bag Cowl. This one's a little rough and ready for my liking. The yarn and the button choice are kind of pleasing at least.

Periphery Shawl. This one has a certain panache.

Midnight Cap. Classic cabled cap.

Pigments Cowl. This one's fabulous. I love that it's not only reversible but striped on the one side and fair isle on the other -- two great looks in one cowl.

Vagarious Hat. I like the pop art feel of this one.

Medleys Shawl. This one's a veritable kaleidoscope of stripes.

Blazing Leaves Mitt. Very pretty. This is one of those patterns that I really enjoy imagining in a variety colour schemes.

Trifecta Shawl. This is a fun and inventive colourblock effect.

Yellow Brick Shawl. An attractive textural effect.

Mottles Hat. This one has a fun look to it, and it appears more complex and time-consuming a knit than it is, because the designer used a variegated yarn to add all the colourful stitches that you see.

Ring-Tailed Bandit Hat. Very cute theme. This would be a good hat for us Torontonians, as we struggle to peacefully co-habit with our large trash panda population. Although I almost feel as though the hat should also feature torn window screens and stressed housecats.

Splash Cowl. This one would be a good way to use up some odds and ends of yarn.

Facile Cowl. Basic but wearable.

Heartbeat Mitts. For the cardiologist or ECG technician in your life!

Bubbly Mitts. Cute mitts!


  1. Whether or not I like a pattern, I always have tremendous respect for designers, who have the ingenuity to plan, patience to execute (in all shapes/sizes), and the guts to publish. As a former cardiology nurse, though, I have to say that if my ECG looked like the Heartbeat Mitts, I wouldn't be here to comment....