Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Pom Pom Quarterly Winter 2018: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released their Winter 2018 issue. Shall we have a look at it?

Arbor Vitae. Cute sweater. I'm not normally a big fan of fringe, but these tassels give an otherwise ordinary cable detail sweater a piquant air.

Ataraxia. I appreciate where this designer was going with the detailed, waistcoat-y type look, and I like the design on the whole, but I'm side-eyeing that peplum and thinking it just isn't working visually. I'd shorten it to a few inches.

Christabel. Such an appealing little cardi. I love how the model's expression is all, "Damn straight I'm rocking the hell out of this cute thing."

Galewood. These mitts have a different: they're held in place via a middle finger loop rather than shaped to have individual finger holes. It'll stay in place well enough, and I rather like the effect. They're like spats for the hands.

Nightingale. Here we have the cover look, and its twisting, curving cables are really kind of fabulous, making me think of the dense growth of the kind of magical forest one reads about in fairy tales.

Nimue. Not too sure about this one. The batwing sleeves do give it a certain schlumpy look. However, I must admit it has some nice detailing and it looks pretty good here, styled over a dress without any competing horizontal lines.

Nonesuch. I'm not entirely pleased with how this sweater sits in the front, but it's passable, and the back looks terrific.

Osmunda. There's... too much going on here. This pudding is not only over-egged, it seems to be coming down with the small pox.

Sojourner. This wrap is really lovely. The stitchwork, the use of two similar shades, the luxurious, silken drape of it.... There are sixteen photos of this shawl on its Ravelry page, which is much more than usual for a Ravelry pattern page. It's as though the photographer couldn't stop taking photos of it, and I don't blame them.

Willowwood. I like the contrasting arches effect on this sweater, and I am withholding judgement on the pom poms, but I just can't get on board with the shaping. The foreshortened arms and cropped, baggy shape of the body is not working even on this professional model.

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  1. I think you are spot on as usual. I do wonder about the sleeves on the Nightingale. They look to be bunchy or stiff or something.