Monday 12 August 2013

Knit the Bridge

The largest and most ambitious yarn bomb in U.S. history was installed over the last two days. You're looking at the Andy Warhol Seventh Street Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the final completion of "Knit the Bridge", a project that has been months in the making and that has involved the efforts of over a thousand volunteers from all over Pennsylvania and even some from other states and abroad. The towers and entire railing of the bridge have been covered in tens of thousands of knitted and crocheted acrylic afghans. Some of the afghans were donated as a whole, while others were assembled from squares and panels that had been donated separately.

The Andy Warhol Bridge will remain covered in these blankets until September 7, at which time the afghans will be removed, cleaned and given to the homeless. For more details, see the video above or visit the Knit the Bridge project website.

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