Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Knitting is a Piece of Cake

I've never cared for knitted representations of food. Clever and skilfully made as they may be (and some are absolute marvels of design), they're just so useless. Edible representations of knitting are another matter, however. There are in especial loads of beautiful birthday knitting-themed cakes on the net, and today being my birthday I've decided to offer a selection of knitting-themed birthday cakes in today's post.

Love the basket of yarn cake above. Although just looking at all that sugar has made all my teeth fall out.

Cute. I'd want to be represented as having a bit more style, though. Knitters are not all matronly or elderly ladies.

Love this one. Simple and effective.

A cake like this would be a great way to gift a knitter with a new pair of knitting needles.

I marvel at the sheer skill and artistry of all these cakes. I'm a pretty good cook, but have never had much success with icing. I usually have to fall back on doing what I call a "Jackson Pollock icing", which means that I drizzle the icing on in a random yet hopefully artistic way.

This cake maker had some good design notions.

This cake is more about the knitter than the tools of her trade.

The perfect cake for the knitter who's into swatching.

A cake for the knitter on the go. I totes relate.

These cupcakes are less impressive than the cakes above, but they're cute and look more to be at my icing skill level.


  1. A very happy birthday to you. Hope your day includes cake and knitting!

    P.S. I'm enjoying your blog, especially your series on knitted fashion through the 20th century.

  2. This cake maker had some good design notions. *groan*

  3. Not that it matters, but isn't that a crochet hook atop the cake with the "swatches" comment?

    (I love your blog ... So much so, in fact, that I'm reading older posts you've written now that I am caught up with the more recent ones.)