Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pleasant Pheasant Fantasies and Other Knitting Fables

Lisette's new winter hoodie allowed her to indulge in some pleasant pheasant fantasy role playing, at least for awhile, until the unfortunate eye-gouging incident.

Sometimes Vera liked to put on everything she'd ever made for herself and just sit and feel herself becoming one with her knitting.

Bill was so proud of the new archery vest he'd made Ted didn't have the heart to tell him wearing a bull's eye to target practice wasn't the smartest idea.

Candra loved yarn so much, she shaved her head and had some roving implanted into her scalp. She'd heard people say she should have used some of that yarn to make a little more dress, but she put that down to spite and malice.

When Daphne's free form crochet project didn't turn into a dress as she'd hoped, she glued it to a dress. When it seemed to lack a little something, she added shoulder pads made from chair upholstery and then bought a pair of matching ankle socks. It was one of her principles to never give up on a project but just keep tweaking until it worked.

Raquel thought anything Levi Strauss & Co., could do, she could crochet better.

Raquel's twin, Raphael, didn't consider Levis very inspiring and instead liked to get naked and just start crocheting and see what happened.

Meara was determined that at least one of her ball gowns was going to keep her comfortably warm.

Violet's plan to knit herself an extra warm skirt and jacket for winter hit a snag when she underestimated her own measurements.

Carmel had never progressed beyond the knitting skill level required for the making of skinny scarves, but she didn't see why that should keep her from making herself a stunning outfit.


  1. LOL! that was perfect, your descriptions were almost funnier than the pictures!