Thursday, 7 November 2013

Interweave Knits Winter 2013: A Review

Interweave Knits has published their Winter 2013 issue, in which they've mostly stuck to turning out solid versions of time-tested classics. Let's have a look at it.

The Bucheron Mitts are a little on the clunky-looking side shape and proportion-wise, but otherwise I quite like them. This modern take on the argyle pattern is appealing.

The Nunavut Pullover is a cute, casual, wearable look. Though perhaps a little too much of the appeal for me is the fact that it was named after a Canadian province, and not just any Canadian province, but a) one in which you especially need warm sweaters and b) one which always sounds as though as it could be used as the basis for a "Who's on First" routine, i.e., "Which province would that be?" "Nunavut." "I thought you just said it was one of the Canadian provinces." "Yes, I did. It's Nunavut." "But if it's it's none of it, how can be one of them?" "Because it's Nunavut."

The Feathernest Raglan is a classic, wearable, ripple-patterned sweater.

The Winnipeg Pullover. I like this waffle stitch sweater too. It's hard to find any fault with a wearable classic like this.

The Côte-Nord Cap. Another nice classic piece. Incidentally, Côte-Nord (French for "north shore") is a region in Quebec. Interweave Knits is charming me with all the Canadian references.

The Manicouagan Pullover offers us a few new twists on the henley by extending the buttons three quarters of the way down the front and using a drop-stitch cable stitch for an open weave look. Both decisions are working fairly well, although be warned that though this sweater has been styled to looked like a rugged outdoor-type piece, it isn't. It won't be that warm and will catch on everything like you won't believe.

The Verchères Pullover has been designed to look just like a thermal henley, so if you're one to appreciate the warmth and comfort of a henley you will also enjoy wearing this sweater.

The Dreamcatcher Cardigan signals a move from Canada, where apparently we need ultra-practical sweaters with long underwear-esque texture to wear over our plaid shirts, to the Southwest, where it seems the inhabitants wear rug-like sweaters. I'm not a fan of this one. The front is shaped fairly well, but that design on the back just doesn't have the appeal Southwestern-themed stuff has at its best.

The Lyons Cardigan isn't really working either. The concept of an exaggerated stripe isn't bad, but this sweater is pulling at the front and on the sleeves and the stripes aren't meeting properly in front. It just looks as though it is badly made and doesn't fit the model at all.

The Cerrito Cardigan is a polished yet casual piece to just throw on over an outfit and elevate it somewhat.

Cynthia's Cardigan. This one isn't bad. I like the two collar options, because they both look good and this sweater basically comes with its own cowl.

The Ojo de Dios Shawl. Quite like this shawl, which is original and striking and is done in a beautiful colourway.

The Piedmont Hat. I don't care for the colours here, but when I imagine the hat in colours I do like, I love it, so... nice hat.

The Bread Basket Pullover is another well-executed classic pullover.

The Swivel Pullover. Oooh, love this one. This designer has taken a classic design feature, Irish cables, and given them a simple yet very effective twist. And tha cable "swivel" effect at the hip is so flattering. Excellent work!

The State Fair Cardigan. Another solid example of a classic.

The NoBo Jacket. I'm no friend of the bolero jacket, but this isn't at all a bad example of one. It's well-constructed and looks good from various angles.

Telluride Aran. Another solid version of a classic pullover.

I like the L'Acadie Cardigan, which has an elegantly casual look to it, but I would be sure to knit those sleeves the right length so as not to have to roll them up. I don't know whether they have been rolled up because they were too long or because it was a design decision, but it looks way too much like the former. And I would raise those slightly dropped shoulders.

The Wharf Cap. This is a nice cap overall, but I'm really not liking the way that knob on the top looks in profile. We're not quite in Snorks territory here, but we're approaching it.

The Partly Cloudy Cowl. The texture in this cowl is good, but I don't care at all for this style of cowl, which just lies around the wearer's neck like a flat tire. I'd make this one as a scarf so it can be wrapped attractively.


  1. This makes me want to buy this magazine. Lots of workable sweaters!

  2. When I got this issue, I recognized the "dreamcatcher" cardigan, but thought that maybe Interweave Knits had done something funny with the colorway. Here it is in its original colors -- Stained Glass Cardigan:

    I hope you revise your opinion of it! I'm not a huge fan of the colors IK chose for this issue, but I think it looks gorgeous in the original.

    (I'm not in any way affiliated with the designer, but I am a fan).

  3. I was I was able to crochet and make cool things like this. But I cannot knit or anything. It is pretty sad. I tried learning one time but I just never understood, so I decided to leave it to the pro's.