Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Fast Forwards Through the Norwegian Knitting Show

If you're into knitting to the point that you're interested in reading this blog, you probably have heard about the Norwegian TV show, aired in early November, that live streamed an attempt to break the world record on the fastest production of a sweater. The show, which was 12.5 hours long in total, featured a sheep being sheared, its wool being carded and spun, and five hours of knitting. A third of Norwegian's population tuned in to watch the show, perhaps finding it an exciting change of pace from the 12-hour show on firewood that aired in Norway in February 2013, and which featured discussions about stacking and chopping, a debate on whether the bark should face up or down, and eight straight hours of watching a fire burn in a fireplace.

If you haven't got time to watch the show, or simply can't bear to, Jimmy Kimmel has a 2-minute, 18-second rundown on what the show was about (and a video preview of the proposed Norwegian National Knitting Evening) that you may find to be more your speed.


  1. I was looking around to try and watch that, but I couldn't figure out how (I guess because I can't read Norwegian). Curse Jimmy for mocking this!

  2. I was only able to find the first 30 minutes of the program (where they are shearing the sheep and talking to spinners). I would love to be able to watch the rest.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful year! I look forward to the next one! You are doing a great job.

    I understand the need to cut back and hope you find the time you need for your other pursuits!

  4. For those wanting to see the show, here's a link: