Monday, 18 November 2013

Knit Simple Winter 2013: A Review

Knit Simple has released the preview for their Winter 2013 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

This bulky knit pullover and cowl isn't bad for a beginner project. It won't be the most flattering item but then that's par for the course with any bulky knit.

This checked cap is really cute. You can leave the pom pom off if it's too juvenile for you.

I quite like this vest, though I am not sure about the extended shoulder line, which works on women but maybe doesn't play as well in menswear. I'd be inclined to turn this vest into a sweater.

Love the colours used here in this cropped vest, but all I can think is how much more flattering it would be even on this model if it were longer.

The men's version of the checked cap above. It works equally well on a man.

I like this hound's-tooth slotted scarf. It's a practical way of getting a scarf to stay in place.

This hound's-tooth muffler is a nice piece too.

I like this striped tam. The stripes have such visual interest and texture.

Can't say I like this scarf. Basketweave textures like this tend to look crude, and the colour scheme, or rather the lack of one, is not helping.

This cowl looks slapped together and doesn't sit well at all.

This scarf is interesting, but it does look rather too large and overpowering a look on this model. If you want to make this design, I'd scale it to the size of the intended wearer.

This crocheted cowl sits better than the last one, but that's not saying a lot.

This striped cowl isn't bad. It could be a nice fun, casual look with the right coat.

This is... a cardigan poncho. At least I think it is. And had you asked me, sight unseen, what I thought of the concept of cardigan ponchos, I am pretty sure my response would have involved some thumbs and perhaps also some toes down, and yet I rather like this. It's a young, fun look that could look pretty fetching on a high school girl over a fitted t-shirt or sweater and jeans.

In the text that precedes this next set of pictures, Knit Simple claims, "Boxy's back! Spice up oversized silhouettes with geometric blocks of color." Don't let them fool you. If boxy's back, and mind you I'm not convinced that it is, it doesn't look any better than it ever did. I rather like this sweater, but I would make it standard fit, unless the wearer intends to spend every minute of wearing time with her arms akimbo like this model's in order to give it a semblance of flattering style.

If you're one of those rare women who not only like the mini-sweater but can wear it successfully, I suppose this isn't a bad example of a mini-sweater.

This one might work if the shape was neatened up considerably, but as is this is just going to look sloppy on most women. It doesn't look too bad here because it's been quite carefully arranged to appear well, but note just how much extra sweater is gathered up around the waist.

This one's passable style-wise for a casual sweater, and would be a good way to use up odds and ends of yarn.

Basic textured pullover.

I rather like this cardigan vest, which has nice lines, and the climbing vine is a nice touch. I do have my concerns about the way it's hanging. Why is the pocket on the right so much higher than the left, and why is the right sleeve extending so much further down on the arm than the left? I hope it's just not sitting right on the model. I also wouldn't make it quite so loose, and I'd leave the button off both pockets instead of putting it on just the left one.

I'm finding that wide ribbed band on these fingerless mitts rather distracting. I would shorten it by an inch or so.

Basic shawl-collared cardigan. It's maybe a little long on the model, but of course you'll just make it to fit the wearer.

Basic striped socks.

Don't care for this one. It's too awkward and bulky looking, and that pocket or whatever that thing is in the front just looks like a mistake. Men may not generally mind it when their shoulders and chests are made to look bigger by their clothing, but even men can't particularly enjoy looking like a cube.

Very cute dog child's sweater.

This dog cushion isn't bad. I see it as an item for a child's room rather than for the living room though — it's cute in a simple, child-like way.

Don't like this backpack. It looks way too crude and slapped together. The non-symmetrical rings around the eyes just look like a mistake. I know real dogs have uneven markings, but this needed to resemble a dog in general before it could get away with mimicking some of the charming imperfections of a dog.

Really cute dog cushion. This is one you might just want to put in the living room, because the fair isle diamonds give it a little more sophistication.

Very handsome set of tartan-themed throw and cushions set.

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