Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Knit n' Style February 2014: A Review

Knit n' Style has just published their February 2014 issue. Shall we have a look at it?

The Knit Darla Tunic. I wasn't sure about this one when I first saw it, but it's grown on me. It has nice clean lines and could be worn with leggings, jeans, or a skirt. Good use of garter stitch to add a bit of textural interest.

The Crochet Darla Tunic. This is also a nice piece, though I like the knitted version better. But then I would, wouldn't I? I don't think it's just my bias towards knitting talking here, though. The solid texture of the knitted piece is more pleasing than this more openwork look.

The Stone Soup Hat may have been called what it is because you can make it out of odds and ends of yarn in a frugal, making-ends-meet kind of way, and I'm totally on board with that kind of crafting. It is a nice basic hat, and I very much like the colours used here.

The Weather Tunic reminds me so much of the woven Mexican hoodies that were in during the nineties. It's an interesting and original effect in a knitted sweater, and I hope it's not just the nostalgia talking when I say I kind of like it.

The Irish Tweed Tunic is a good classic design.

The Summer Shawl is a pretty little piece.

This is the Diamond-Edged Sweater. It's a decent piece. You may want to lengthen or shorten the sleeves to whatever length suits you personally.

The On the Town Set is quite pretty too. There's nothing like a touch of angora when it's used in the right way.

This is the Silverlace Scarf. Knit n' Style certainly does love its novelty yarn skinny scarves. I don't — they tend to look chintzy. Here, for instance, the model is wearing a nice outfit that would have looked better finished off with a long silver pendant necklace than with this scarf.

The Swan Song Set is something different: a sweater set composed of a spencer worn over a tunic. Much as I tend to be a soft sell on all things swan, I think I'd tweak this by either making the tunic about four inches shorter, or turning it into a dress.

The Cabled Tunic. I wouldn't put anything but full-length sleeves on this design. Otherwise it's fine, with interesting texture. Good idea to set up the front panels the way it's been done here, because those side pieces seem to recede and it makes this heavy sweater visually more flattering.

The Cable Blocks Cardi is another nineties-looking piece. I love the colours used here, but this sweater is more than a little on the too-big and shapeless side. I'd make it in a standard fit.

The Felicity Vest. This is a useful piece that could be worn styled a number of different ways. I like the texture in the bodice area.

The Twister Scarf is another novelty yarn scarf. I'm inclined to be kind to it though, because the colours are gorgeous and the lacy edges make it look like a decent quality piece.

The Angel Cardi. It's never a good sign when a piece isn't even sitting well on the model. However, this could be pretty with some tweaking: lengthen the body a bit, button it all the way down the front, and you'll probably also want to shorten or lengthen the sleeves.

The Heritage Shawl is really pretty. It hangs impressively well.

The Petal Hat and Mitts set is rather cute in a way that isn't too juvenile for a grown woman.

The Hooded Cowl. I don't think I've seen a hooded cowl yet. It's not at all a bad piece and could be a statement accessory with the right coat, such as simple well-cut woolen one, if you're the type to be comfortable in a more exaggerated look.

This is the That's a Wrap Cowl. It's not a wrap cowl, and I wish it was a wrap cowl. I just cannot get behind the kind of cowl that looks like a sad flat tire hanging around someone's neck. Either double it up or just make a scarf.

The Draped Panels Cardi. Though I'm usually a tough customer on drape-front cardigans and modern cuts, I quite like this item. The cutaway shaping and the bias stripes make it flattering.

Heather's Cowl. This is a fairly standard piece but nice enough. It sits well and has interesting texture.

The Wear-to-Work Jacket. I like the concept and the clean lines of this piece, but think it could have been improved a little. Those lapels are a little on the skimpy and limp side and the bottom edges could have been better finished.

The North Seas Skirt. Quite like the fair isle patterns used here, but I hate the waistband on this design. Though I can see the problem — it would be difficult to make this skirt stay up without a ribbed waistband. I think the solution might be to simply style this outfit differently, by wearing it with a top that goes over the skirt rather than one that's meant to be tucked in. Knit n' Style probably knows this themselves, but needed to tuck in the top in order to show us this skirt properly.

The Soft Mist Scarf. Even the Yorganza yarn used here isn't happy about its fate, which is why it's trying to throttle its wearer.

The Soft Shoulder Shawl. Not a bad piece, and unlike a lot of the shawl patterns I see, this is one that can be worn for warmth and that won't catch on everything. It has a good texture with a bit of lace trim for a touch of prettiness.

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