Monday, 1 May 2017

Knitting Needle Nightmare: A Video

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

In the very special episode of Grandma's Cats Are Trying to Kill Her, Lucas has to foil his grandmother's two murderous cats after they contrive to get into Grandma's sewing room. As for the video itself, I live for the day when screenwriters will take the time to google any craft-related terms they use to find out what they really mean. The writers of this video do not seem to have grasped the definition of "afghan" or to know the difference between "knitting" and "sewing".

Otherwise, the video isn't a bad little watch, and while cats shouldn't play with yarn as it will mess up their small intestine and possibly kill them if they ingest it, if you're facing imminent death at the paws of your beloved but homicidal cat, you're justified in distracting it with yarn until you can escape to a place of safety.

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