Friday, 19 May 2017

Le Wooling Special Issue 2 Fileco: A Review

Next in my "catching up on the Bergère de France reviews" effort is Le Wooling Special Issue 2, an issue with patterns designed especially for Fileco yarn. Let's have a look at it.

Pattern #01, Cape. Love the stripes and the colourway, but the lines of this cape have an awkward, bulky look.

Pattern #03, Round Neck Openwork Sweater. I am relieved to say without qualification or sarcasm that this is a nice piece.

Pattern #3, High Neck Jacket. This young woman appears to be so deeply into French existentialist philosophy that she has cast any and all notions of French chic to the winds. That is one shapeless, baggy jacket (with mismatched bottom front edges), and the styling is awful.

Pattern #04, Cardigan. This might have been a good piece if the designer had kept working on it until the design was complete, but as it is, the collar and the front opening are all askew and the edges are unfinished.

Pattern #05, High Neck Cardigan. This isn't so bad, but it isn't great either. The bottom edges have the mismatched length issue we saw in Pattern #03, and I have my concerns about how that collar is going to look when worn open -- and a child won't want to wear it done up all of the time.

Pattern #06, Poncho. Bergère de France really needs to consider hiring some designers who know how to design and/or aren't too lazy to put in the effort to create an actual design.

Pattern #07, V Neck Sweater. If you want a plain v-neck sweater pattern, there's probably a free one on Ravelry that doesn't feature dropped shoulders.

Pattern #08, High Neck Cable Sweater. Pas mal! I'm really liking the diagonal cable effect in the sleeves and on the side panels.

Pattern #09, Baby Sleeping Bag. There was not much more effort put into this one than there was put into the baby poncho "design".

Pattern #10, Striped Sweater. This is quite simple, but it's certainly attractive and wearable. Care has been taken in the details (i.e., picking an effective colour combination, matching the buttons to the contrast colour, matching the stripes on the arms to the body stripes), and it shows.

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