Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Vogue Knitting Summer 2017: A Review

Vogue Knitting has released its Summer 2017 issue. Let's take a look at all the summery, knittery goodness inside.

Pattern #1, Lace Ruana. Beautiful lace and drape. Belting a ruana, as has been done here, would help keep the look flattering and in place.

Pattern #2, Oversized Pullover. This looks like a mesh bag with sleeves, and having all that excess knit fabric flapping about under my arms all day would drive me right up the wall.

Pattern #3, Lace Hoodie. If someone had told me in advance that there would be a lace hoodie in this issue of Vogue Knitting, I wouldn't have had high expectations of it, but this is really a terrific piece. The combination of lace and such a sporty style works well, resulting in a piece that's very pretty and is neither too casual nor too formal to be useful for daily wear, besides having all the appeal of a fun and unexpected design twist. Moreover the lace is gorgeous and the shaping is perfect.

Pattern #4, Lace Skirt. This is quite pretty, and as the pattern description says, could be worn with either a blouse and heels or a t-shirt and sandals, but the pastel pink yarn takes it a little to close to doily territory to me. I'd go with a less delicate shade of yarn.

Pattern #5, Lace Sampler Poncho. This looks like a lace tablecloth with a neckline.

Pattern #6, Thigh-High Stockings. These are very pretty (i.e., great lacework, excellent design), and they definitely strike a chord with me given my raging thigh-high stocking fetish, but I do question how wearable these would be, even in cotton, for summertime. They wouldn't look right worn with sandals or any other kind of of summer footwear that I can think of, for one thing. I think I'd make them in wool for cold weather wear.

Pattern #7, Leafy Lace Pullover. Very pretty lacework.

Pattern #8, Counterpane-Inspired Shawl. If you're the sort of person who has the panache to carry off a dramatically large lace shawl, I'd recommend this one. If you consider yourself devoid of panache (as I do), make this shawl without quite so much fringe and enjoy your beautiful afghan.

Pattern #9, Socks. Quite like these, with their natty, retro feel.

Pattern #10, Cowl. Nice piece. Love that it has a reverse colourway on the inside.

Pattern #11, Hat. Like this hat too, with its argyle-like effect.

Pattern #12, Cropped Tank. So smart and so beautifully detailed. It's a cropped length, but if that won't work for you or the intended wearer, it would be easy to lengthen the piece.

Pattern #13, Sanquhar Gloves. Like these too. They have a place on the wrist where one can include the wearer's initials, which is a fun extra touch.

Pattern #14, Arbor Cardigan. I'm not usually a fan of the drape-front cardigan, but this one hangs quite well, and the intricately patterned front and back is a work of art.

Pattern #15, Maevh Cowl. Beautiful leafy lacework, and it hangs so well.

Pattern #16, Tasseled Poncho. While I respect that Vogue Knitting has fully committed to this look by putting tasseled capris on the model, this poncho still looks like something out of a seventies-era homemaker's magazine.

Pattern #17, Textured Tank. Simple and wearable.

Pattern #18, Linen Stitch Stripe Pullover. Interesting variation on the classic Breton stripe pullover.

Pattern #19, Relaxed Tee. There's a relaxed fit, and then there's a "depressed and scarfing chips on the couch while vacantly watching movies on Lifetime" fit, and this is one of the latter.

Pattern #20, Chevron Lace Tee. I like this top on the whole (great colour and stitchwork) but have my concerns over the slightly baggy fit through the waist. But then it's not possible to add waist-shaping to every piece because sometimes it'll interfere with the pattern, and there are people who like and/or can carry off what this pattern's description calls a "blousy fit".

Pattern #21, Supersized Shawl. Another shawl of dramatic size, though this one is of far less impressive stitchwork. I'd be inclined to leave this piece on a couch.

Pattern #22, Swing Back Tank. I'd consider making this one a little longer than intended and using it as a cover-up for the beach.

Pattern #23, Mesh Jacket. I like this one, which has smart lines and would make a very useful little topper for summer.

Pattern #24, Cropped Lace Cardigan. I'm not too taken with this pattern, which is a reprint from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 1995 issue. It has too much the look of random samples of lacework tacked together. Vogue Knitting has styled it well here, though, as it looks pretty good worn over a clean-lined, fitted dress.

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