Monday, 7 August 2017

Pom Pom Quarterly Autumn 2017: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released its Autumn 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Aubusson. I'm liking this one. The colour block effect is enhanced by making both colours part of each block, and the scarf is reversible, which is always advisable in a scarf.

Barbicel. That stranded pattern on the front pieces is really sharp. I'm not so thrilled with the shape of the cardigan, but that might be because these long, narrow cardigans look best on someone tall (the model is 5'8") and are hard for a shorter woman to carry off. However, if the sweater you're making is intended for a shorter wearer, it can always be shortened.

Calamus. Love this one. That colourwork is so smart and eye-catching.

Diesis. Hoo boy. I get where the designer was going with this, and it is kind of a fun, offbeat look, but it's also so unflattering and discordant to look at it that even though I know diesis is a musical term for an accidental or a mini interlude, I can't help feel as though this is a coded design you'd make for your sister if you didn't wish her well. That's how my sister would take it, anyway.

Elibelinde. I like this one, but I could do without the little protruding horn effect in the front yoke just above the stitchwork panel. It doesn't add anything but grounds to wonder if the wearer is smuggling an errant miniature reindeer in her bra.

Herati. I'm liking the unusual diamond tartan pattern in these mittens.

Overcheck. Love this cowl too. That's a bold and fun large scale check pattern.

Palmetto. Such a cute cardi. The striped contrast bands on this are fun, and the shaping is good.

Soumak. These are fetching, and as a bonus would be ideal to wear when one is a volunteer answering phones at the Red Cross.

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  1. Diesis has to be one of the MOST unflattering sweaters ever! Did the knitter run out of yarn on the sleeves?