Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Run of Christmas Stockings

The Christmas stocking in the Tangled Holiday 2012 issue that I reviewed yesterday made me want to do a Christmas stocking post. There are loads and loads of knitted Christmas stockings on the web (a search for "Christmas stocking" produced 30 pages of hits on Ravelry alone), so I'll just post a selection of a few of the ones I like the most.

These fair isle stockings are pretty and striking, and would be a great way to use up odds and ends of yarn.

After ten minutes spent scrolling down through a lot of very similar stockings, these really popped out at me. The designs, from Judy Tollefson, are beautiful and original and yet still look Christmassy. They are by far the best designed stockings of any I've included in this post.

These are eye-catching and fun and colourful, and the kind of thing a child will love, and yet are still attractive to adult eyes.

I like the simplicity of these ones, but if you make a set for your household, you might want to put names on them to avoid potential hair-pulling arguments as to whose stocking is whose early Christmas morning.

A simple and classic pattern from Red Heart. Though the shape does look a little rough.

One thing to remember if you're going with patterns like these is that you don't have to make it in the usual Christmas colours. The snowflakes and the fact that it's, you know, a stocking hanging from your mantlepiece in December, will keep it looking Christmas-appropriate. This could look good in any contrasting colourway, and two colour-stranded knitting like this is a good chance to pair some self-striping yarn with an ivory or a cream.

These are cute. I can imagine a whole array of these for the family, because you could put a different Christmas symbol on each one: an angel, a candy cane, a Santa, a snowman, etc.

Love the subtle colourways and great design of these Scandinavian stockings.

Very pretty snowflake stocking. This must be the first time I ever actually liked anything knitted with glitter yarn.

Really clever design on this one: a classic Scandinavian pattern adapted to include holly berries, and the colourway is non-traditional yet still very Christmassy.

Very pretty holly stocking.

After all the above, I'm rather abashed to be saying that my own handmade Christmas stocking is not knitted, but needlepointed from a kit I bought at Value Village for $6. The knitted stockings tend to look droopy when empty and bulge out of shape whenever they have anything in them, while the needlepoint, being stitched on canvas, holds its shape. Alas, it will not stretch to hold more goodies the way the knitted stockings do, but then my stocking is purely decorative anyway. I live alone and Santa skips my house.


  1. For "adults" check out the naughty reindeer ones. The chart is free.

  2. Hilarious! And it totally cracks me up that there are 1,368 fornicating deer chart projects on Ravelry. I may have to do a post about it. Thanks so much for linking to it.

  3. Oh, not just deer! Also penguins, bunnies. bears, kangaroos, elephants and unicorns! C