Sunday, 30 December 2012

Some Baggage is Good Baggage

I'm not generally a fan of knitted bags. This may just be a matter of personal preference. I like smart and polished-looking bags with a good, definite shape that close securely and are easy and comfortable to carry, and few knitted bag patterns meet that criteria. They tend to look lumpy and shapeless and awkward, to be Boho in style with flowers and stripes, to call for the use of tacky novelty yarns, and to gape at the top, which leaves my stuff falling out or my wallet at risk for being stolen.

But there are some out there that I like. Tonight I did a search and found two (yes, just two) that I like enough to consider making for myself. The one above is a free Berroco pattern, and it's also on Ravelry.

This bag is actually commercially made, and priced at $200, but it's so cute I decided to seek out a pattern for something similar.

I almost immediately found this bag, which is pretty damn close to the one above. It's a free Michaels' pattern. It also has its own page on Ravelry. And you can probably make it for under $40.

But those are just my favourites. Feel free to leave links to bags that you like in the comments!


  1. Do felted bag count? I went to the a Noni workshop and she demonstrated how to put the bags together with side and bottom support, feet, nice claps and handles. It made a huge difference in how I view knit bags.

  2. Felted projects definitely count. They have to be knitted first, of course, so they're still a knitting project and so appropriate for a knitting blog. It's the "C" word we don't mention here.

    Just kidding. Link to patterns for nice crocheted bags too if you want.