Monday, 3 December 2012

Why I May Have to Rethink My Stance on Knitting Machines

In the video above, which was shot at World Maker Faire in 2011, artist Andrew Salamone is shown demonstrating the knitting machine he's programmed to knit images and displaying some of the amazing work he's produced with it: a ski mask with an image of his face on the front, a "break beat" scarf, and a sweater featuring a picture of Bill Cosby wearing a sweater with a picture of Bill Cosby on it. Bill Cosby, for those of you too young to know or remember, wore a series of dreadful sweaters on The Cosby Show in the eighties. Salamone hopes to someday get Cosby to accept and wear the sweater he's designed, and I hope he succeeds. I'd just love it if The Cos did something so meta and self-deprecating, and God knows Cosby can't reject this sweater on the grounds that it's in any way inferior to the sweaters he's worn in the past.

Check out more of Andrew Salamone's knitted art on his web site. In my favourite piece, Salamone recreates a still from "The Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody".

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