Sunday, 9 December 2012

Show Those Neighbourhood Crocheters Who's Boss

If you really live to knit and want the whole neighbourhood to know it, you might make this wreath to hang on your front door this Christmas. The instructions are on the Styrofoam site, which makes sense as this product requires forty-one Styrofoam balls of assorted sizes.

The wreath is kind of cute in its way, though rather too kitschy to work in any but a very country and craftsy-style décor. I think I'd only make this wreath if I owned a yarn store and was preparing a Christmas display for the shop's front window. Since I have neither a country-style décor nor a yarn store, I'll be sticking with my existing wreath, which is a traditional affair of artificial pine needles, pine cones, cranberries, raspberries, winter berries, and tiny white lights. I fear the yarn ball wreath might make me look as though I'd gone a little knitting mad, and perhaps even was no longer someone who could be trusted to wield two pointed pieces of metal, lest I start sticking them.... just anywhere.

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