Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tangled Holiday 2012: A Review

The webzine Tangled has posted its Holiday 2012 patterns. Let's have a look, shall we?

This hat and cowl has a kind of sad, defeated look, like baked cake and bread taken out of the oven too soon. I like the buttons, at least the ones on the hat, and I like the stitchwork on the hat and the idea of using it on the cowl, but the cowl looks thin and limp and as though it won't actually keep your neck warm, and the hat looks like it's collapsing on top. The set just doesn't have that polished, finished look good design has.

Very nice Christmas stocking. I like the finished look of the picot edging on the top.

These fingerless gloves are crocheted, not knitted, but there are only four patterns in this issue, so I included them anyway. They'll catch on everything you touch and probably won't keep your hands warm in cold winter weather, but if you're crocheting anything in a lace weight kid mohair, you're probably not aiming for practicality anyway. However, even if you are knitting light, lacy fingerless gloves purely for their looks, you could surely find a better-looking pattern than this one. The lace pattern doesn't show well on this pair and they just look like they're all holes and snags.

Classic and practical hat and scarf that you can wear anywhere and, judging from the last hundred years or so, that will never look out of date.

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