Monday, 10 November 2014

A Hand-Picked Cotton Post

Since today is the second, or "cotton" anniversary of this blog, I thought I'd pick out and write about some off-beat ways to work with cotton for this post. For instance, it appears it's possible to make yarn out of drugstore cotton balls (the pure cotton ones, not the synthetic kind), using wire hair brushes, rubber bands, and a couple of old CDs or DVDs. Let me know how that works for you.

It's possible to make art yarn like that depicted above out of yarn reclaimed from old cotton sweaters.

The video above explains how to make twine from scraps of cotton fabric.

I've previously covered creating and working with t-shirt yarn. This blog post will tell you how to make cotton fabric yarn such such as that shown above by cutting a sheet into a continuous strip.

If making yarn your own yarn isn't your thing, you can whip up a nice summer top using a scarf and some crochet cotton. This yoke and trim is crocheted, but could easily be knit instead.

If you have any old cotton sweaters lying about that you no longer care to wear, they can be put to other good uses. You can make baby washcloths like those above from an old cotton sweater.

Cotton sweaters can also be made into summer handbags, such as the one above.

Here's another style of upcycled sweater bag.

Or you could make a simple shoulder bag like this one. I don't have a source or a tutorial for this one, but it should be possible to replicate it from the picture.

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