Friday, 14 November 2014

The Cupcake Cowl and Other Knitting Fables

Jolene felt colour blocking required total commitment. Now she just needed to finish knitting the purse and hat that matched her outfit.

Dahlia had donned her newly finished cupcake cowl, patchwork skirt, and hair bow, and couldn't wait until her birthday party guests arrived. She'd show them how a birthday girl ought to dress.

Sylvie's trivet dress proved the showstopper of the student fashion show. As everyone told her, they'd never seen anything like it.

Ramon was beginning to wish he'd listened to his girlfriend's warnings about what might happen if he were to stuff too many woolen sweaters in the washer at one time, set the water temperature to "hot", and forget to use any fabric softener.

Zeb and Marissa felt love, and "his and her" knitwear, were all they needed. Pants were totally optional.

When Reuben tried on the dyed mop head sweater his girlfriend Tasha had made for his birthday he began to wonder if maybe it wouldn't be better to make some concessions in their ongoing conflicts about whether he did a fair share of the cleaning.

Nestrelda was very pleased with her new ensemble of hat, glasses, knitted rompers, knee socks, and bow-tied lace-edged blouse. She thought it perfectly in keeping with her personal style, which she liked to describe as "post modern bluestocking".

Harley's latest strategy for getting men to stop staring at her breasts involved what she liked to call "avant-garde tent poles".

Mae found it very aggravating that everyone kept complimenting her on her new cowl and decided she'd have to figure out a better way to anchor her new wig in place the minute she got home.

Colette and Dexter were disheartened to find that they had somehow got their strawberry/watermelon/eggplant/bumblebee: pom pom size ratio calculations all mixed up.

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