Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Knit Simple Winter 2014: A Review

Knit Simple's Winter 2014 issue is out. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

The combination of the prim collar and the pom pom on this capelet makes it look like something that might have been worn by a seventeenth century New England cheerleading squad. There not being many athletic sports played in New England at that time, this would be a cheerleading squad that appeared at other public entertainments such as quilting bees, pig slaughterings, and the occasional hanging.

This isn't such a bad piece. It's got a certain minimalist style. Done with a beautiful, interesting yarn, it could look quite good.

Ponchos should not look like repurposed afghans or Christmas tree skirts.

This isn't bad. I suspect the cowl neckline could be arranged to sit better than it does here.

This is... okay. I don't like the string ties. I'd figure out a way to button the wrap at the sides, and then, if done in a lovely yarn, it could be a useful little piece.

Super cute toy mushrooms and hedgehogs. Though I don't quite understand the pairing. [Googles.] Ah, it seems hedgehogs do eat mushrooms.

Very cute child's blanket. And I must give this designer credit for an original theme. Teddy bears and kittens are so been there, done that.

The stripes, hedgehogs, and mushrooms translated into a hat and scarf. The theme works quite well in these pieces as well.


Does anyone really have a heart-shaped water bottle?

I... don't know what this is, and as of this writing, the pattern isn't on Ravelry. I think it's a neck pillow. Whatever it is, the design is pretty cheesy.

I'm guessing this is a hot pad? It looks more like a doll blanket I might have knitted at ten or so. Most adults would probably like something a little more sophisticated for their table.

I think the design to look at here is the cowl. I like it. Nice colourway, shape, and texture.

Not a bad little piece for casual wear. The stylist was absolutely right to put this one with a denim jacket.

Pretty lace-edged cowl.

This one's okay too. I suppose this style would generally be worn by itself over a top rather than over a coat.

I'd be inclined to put a coat over this one, and button the coat at the waist to hide the bottom of the cowl. Cowls of this style always look a little too much like a deflated inner tube.

I rather like the concept here. The idea of a breastplate-style cowl that lies flat is something I don't recall having seen before. However, I don't like this particular execution of the concept. This looks a bit crude and unfinished. Some interesting colourwork would probably help.

A sweater with a simple shape done with four necklines. I like the ribbed turtleneck (at bottom left) and the cowl neck versions (at top right). The high necklined version (top left photo) is too simple to have any visual interest. The hooded version also looks a little short on visual interest and also uncomfortably tight around the neck.

It always makes me very nervous when I see handknitted light shades of any kind. Commercially made light shades have to pass certain fire safety regulations; handmade light shades do not. Therefore I never advocate that anyone make homemade light shades, and I never link to knitted light shade patterns either here or on this blog's Facebook page, no matter how many pretty little lacy candle holder cozies I come across. Of course it's totally up to you what you knit and it *might* be safe enough, but I'd encourage you to at least think twice before you do so. Better safe than burnt to a crisp is my motto.

Again, I'm not quite sure what this is, but I think it's supposed to be a hanging storage bag for t-shirts or undies or something of the sort. It doesn't really appeal to me as a storage option. The contents of that bag will be a jumbled mess most of the time.

I suppose this is a rug? It's not a bad-looking one, though I would be tripping over it constantly.

A cup cozy with a holding strap for one's stir stick or spoon. I'm not the target audience for this kind of thing as I seldom have a hot drink. Coffee drinkers, what say you?

Sometimes the Knit Simple designs are just too "home ec project". Even if you are a beginning knitter, I'd urge you to insist on better designed patterns than this.

This place mat is a little better than the hot pad that preceded it, but still... there are much better easy patterns available, beginner knitters.

I like the concept here, but not the granny square design.

I have no idea what this is. My best guess is that it's some sort of blanket. The edges look rather rough and unfinished.

Not a bad little tablet case. It's dead simple, but the coordinated toggle elevates the look and it's neatly finished.

Not a bad looking scarf, though I think I'd be inclined to go with tassels on the ends rather than pom poms.


  1. I subscribe, so I can enlighten you on some of those things. The red neck thing is supposed to be a neck warmer, and the flat thing is supposed to be for a heating pad. The patterns mention putting in buckwheat forms.

    The pattern for the heart shaped hot water heater **does** say to use a heart shaped water bottle...crazy!!

    The grey bag is a crocheted storage bag, and the rug is supposed to be a bath mat.

    And the seed stitch item is a blanket.

  2. Always good info and a chuckle. Thanks!