Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spotlight on..... Designer Svetlana Gordon

A few weeks ago I came across this photo on Pinterest and posted it to this blog's Facebook page. I'm sure you won't be surprised to read it attracted quite a lot of attention (350 likes, 170 shares, 44 comments), because the coat is an undeniably stunning piece of design. When I tracked down the source of the picture, it proved to be the work of designer Svetlana Gordon, also known as Tashashu. When I looked at the patterns Gordon has listed for sale on Ravelry (and sorry to disappoint but this pattern for this coat isn't among them), I made two discoveries: I had already featured one of her other designs on Facebook; and all the rest of her work was on par with this coat. In this post, let's have a look at some examples of Svetlana Gordon's wonderful work.

This is the Blue Willow Shawl. The pattern is available for $5.00(USD). Many of Svetlana Gordon's designs have a unique blend of modern edge and a wealth of rich detail. Most contemporary design is simpler than this.

The Murano Scarf, which is like stained glass translated into yarn. The pattern is available for $5(USD).

It seems Svetlana can't design even a simple pumpkin decorative piece without turning it into something eye catchingly special. This Decorative Pumpkin pattern is available for $2(USD) and comes with optional crocheted spider instructions.

This "house coat" is from Gordon's Facebook page. I'd be more inclined to turn this into an afghan than a coat, but that street scene is too charmingly rendered for words.

Adorable cabled mini-dress, also from Gordon's Facebook page.

This Morocco Coat is simpler and more practical and wearable than the coats above, but still very striking.

This lovely jacket design uses Gordon's Autumn Leaves stitch, the instructions for which are for sale on Ravelry for $4(USD).

You can see more of Svetlana Gordon's work in her store on Ravelry and on her Facebook page, and she has an online store. You won't regret any time you take to check out her work as, though I've focused only on her knitwear design in this post, she also works in fabric and leather, and all her work is quite amazing. After looking at all of Gordon's work while researching this post, I can only say she is insanely talented, and definitely ranks among the very best of the designers I've come across in two years of writing this blog.


  1. You're right on ! Svetlana Gordon's designs are spectacular.

  2. I fell down this rabbit hole after I saw a beautiful piece in a sponsored ad on Facebook. Thank you! What beautiful design work!

  3. I need to purchase some of her patterns on ravelry. She also get her work (images) ripped off by a fake clothing company called EllaFancy.

  4. Need you to know someone called IrisRuby on facebook is showcasing your designs as for sale for £6 ripping you off