Monday, 3 November 2014

Interweave Knits Winter 2014: A Review

Interweave has published the Winter 2014 issue of Interweave Knits. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

The Fall River Cowl has a nice texture and sits well.

The Quivira Coat. This is a classic Aran coat and the texture is good, but the shaping could do with a little work, such as raising the dropped shoulders and shaping the ribbed neckband so that it sits better.

The Moraine Jacket. I like this one, though I think I'd replace that tied belt with a leather one, or perhaps add a metal buckle to a knitted belt.

The Muir Wrap. I'm not taken with the colours used here, but this is one visually striking wrap.

The Hudson Wrap. This looks too much like an afghan to work as a wrap, but I will say it is quite a nice afghan.

The Bear Lake Cowl. Love the texture of the piece, but not the way it sits. This is one of those "flat tire hung around the neck" cowls.

The Ozark Wrap. Nice piece, but again it's too much like a blanket to work as apparel.

The Tanawha Wrap. This one is just small enough to work as an oversized wrap. Interesting texture and nice colour.

The Zuni Cardigan. Good design. The shawl collar sits well (a lot of shawl collars don't), and the colourwork is subtle and interesting. I wouldn't include the tie belt, though, and I'd advise against knitted tie belts for most people. It's a difficult look to pull off. It isn't even doing this professional model any favours. Waist shaping is a much safer bet.

The Bozeman Hat. Nice slouchy tam in a beautiful colour.

The Trapper Cowl. Very cleverly done knitted tartan pattern.

The Ice Rink Pullover. Love this one. The shape, texture, and cowl neckline are all very well done and make the sweater both comfortable and comely.

The Kittery Point Cardigan. Very pretty new take on the fair isle cardigan.

The Siobhan Blouse. I like this design but would replace the tassel with another cable device. Including the tassel makes this look like something Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey would wear in order to save herself the trouble of actually having to rise from her seat in order to ring for her maid Anna when she wants her hair combed.

The Cocoa Cardigan. Lovely simple cardigan with some distinctive detailing.

The Quadrille Pullover. Nice little pullover with terrific latticed cabled texture. I don't think the choice of a three quarter sleeve length is working that well here, but they are easily lengthened.

Pearl Lake Mitts. Very cute fingerless mitts.

The Caterpillar Cowl. This lace edged cowl has that sad flat tire look when it's worn single, but it looks ever so pretty when worn doubled.

The Modest Pullover. Nice simple pullover, though I think there are better yarn choices for this design. I'd go with a flecked rather than a variegated yarn.

The Wind at Your Back Pullover. This one has good lines and good texture.

The Matalina Pullover. Love this one. The texture's attractive and interesting and as you can see this sweater is unusually flattering for a cabled sweater.

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  1. I think I may have to run out and buy this issue. The Siobhan Blouse, the Wind at Your Back Pullover and ESPECIALLY the Matalina Pullover all speak to me.

    Thank you for the reviews (and Interweave should also thank you), since that silly-looking Elmer Fudd hat on the cover kept me from pulling the issue off the rack for an inside peek just today.