Friday, 12 May 2017

Le Wooling Special Issue Filomeche: A Review

Today's review is the next in my "catch up on my Bergère de France reviews" effort. This time we're looking at le Wooling Special Issue Filomeche.

Pattern #1, Cable Knit Jacket. This is quite a nice piece that sits well, especially in the collar area.

Shawl Collar Jacket. Not impressed with this one, and I have my suspicions about how those toggles look when fastened.

Pattern #3, Round-Neck Sweater. Wearable but nothing special, and the shoulders are slightly dropped, so I'd look for something better rather than bother to fix it.

Pattern #04, Sweater with Fair Isle Yoke. Now this is something more like it. That's an eye-catching, attractively worked-out yoke, and the shaping is good.

Pattern #05, High Neck Sweater. Holy crap, is that unflattering. You could improve it by fixing the dropped shoulders and not putting it over a gathered skirt, but why bother.

Pattern #06, Cape Cardigan. I think the model's face speaks for all of us.

Pattern #07, Short Cardigan. Here the model is all, "Mon dieu, you put me in this ill-shaped disaster of a cardigan with a ridiculous attempt at embroidery on the shoulders and a pair of pleated trousers where the fly gaps open? N'importe quoi!"

Pattern #08, High Neck Cable Stitch Sweater. This isn't bad at all -- though I would fix those dropped shoulders -- but the model is clearly done with this photoshoot and counting the minutes until she can slip back into her skinny jeans, white t-shirt, perfectly tied silk scarf, and black leather jacket, and depart the Bergère de France offices with a subtle yet unmistakable air of Gallic disdain.

Pattern #9, Round Neck Raglan Sleeve Sweater. Basic. You could probably find a better version of this pattern on Ravelry for free.

Pattern #10, Hooded Jacket. This jacket is just sad, and it would only get worse as it stretched out with wear.


  1. "Subtle yet unmistakable air of Gallic disdain"-- I'm rolling. :) :) :)

  2. are the models hostages? Or maybe they are being blackmailed to do this shoot?

  3. Fabulous review! Maybe France in 1986....but then again, probably not.