Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Pretty Plait

I love this braided scarf concept. It looks great, it'll be reversible, it won't come undone or need readjusting, it's a good way to showcase a beautiful hand-dyed yarn, and it'll be very warm. The pictures here do a great job of showing you how to make such a scarf, though I'd knit the three parts of the plait up one at a time using a set of double-pointed needles or the magic loop method, leaving the ones I'd done on a holder, rather than using a circular knitting tool as in these pictures.

I know some knitters will want more explicit directions, so I searched for a pattern, but was unable to find one as good as this. Most of the braided scarf patterns I found just sewed the braid together at the end, which doesn't look nearly as good as knitting them together. If you can find a pattern like this, flip me the link via email or in the comments and I'll add it to the post.


  1. Hmm. Well, if you were knitting it flat, you could just leave the ends of each part on stitch holders, and once you've got all three the same length, and braided, you could just knit across all three, and thus knit them together. Does that make sense? It makes perfect sense in my head, but trying to explain what I'm picturing isn't so clear...

  2. I think the concept is similar to these bracelets


    Probably same idea as this headband just 3 instead of 2...