Friday, 10 May 2013

What Kind of Knitwear Does One Wear to a Six-Month Anniversary?

The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done is six months old today. Thanks, everyone, for reading and participating here on the blog and on its Facebook page. I'm thrilled to find that my readers are such thoughtful, intelligent and funny people and I really enjoy your comments, emails, and generally interacting with you all.

When I hit "publish" on my first post last November, I resolved to give the project six months and to assess its viability at that point. Viability has been duly assessed, and I've decided that as much as I like running this blog, it will need a considerably larger readership before it will be really feasible for me to keep putting in the good ten hours a week of work it takes to write and maintain this site.

For the time being, it seems worthwhile to continue. I have decided to put in another six months of work on The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done, and to reassess at the first-year mark. If you like the site, please help me ensure its future by sending the URL to friends who knit and sharing links via Twitter and Facebook and any other social media sites that you use, or on knitting and craft-related sites that you frequent. If you're a Facebook user, please consider "liking" the blog's Facebook page — it's an easy way to keep up this blog, and you'll also get some extras in the form of interesting shares from other knitting-related pages. If you're a Twitter user, my Twitter account is here, and you're welcome to follow me. Another way to follow this blog is by befriending me on Ravelry, where I am OrangeSwan.

Here's looking forward to the next six months!


  1. Count me as one of your grateful and enthusiastic readers. I appreciate the quality work you do and the time you put into this blog, especially since it must all be coming from your knitting time. Thank you!

  2. I love your blog and witty sense of humor. In your magazine reviews, you often write the same words I think and only say at my favorite LYS. You should come and join us when you're in Minneapolis. You'd fit right in! I'm glad you're keeping the blog alive.