Saturday, 18 May 2013

Apocalyptic Casual Style and Other Knitting Fables

"Afghan patterns are too pretty to just sit on the couch, so I adapted one to make this great top! I think it's fantastic, especially with the gumball armband I made. What do you think? Hey, do you have any more LSD? I'm out."

Ramona felt her new Apocalyptic Casual line had turned out quite well.

Ever the thrifty mom, Lesia made herself a wrap out of her children's discard toys and yarn from their outgrown mittens. Now, she thought, she just had to figure out a way to upcycle her husband's holey socks.

Nadia combined mesh from her grocery shopping bags, upholstery fabric from her couch, tassels from all her cushions, and leftover paint from the guest room renovation to make a statement about who she really was: a miserably unhappy housewife who needed to lock up the liquor cabinet and put the fact that she'd once flunked out of design school behind her.

Kim made every effort to wear the latest in secretarial wear, and so far her boss's only comment had been, "Kim, your bra is showing. Please fasten your coat. No, I don't care if it is too warm in here for that, you should have worn something suited to a temperature-controlled environment." Kim decided she was jealous.

Lillian was just waiting for her hair to finish setting in the appropriate bouffant style before she went out in the world and strutted her stuff in her new crocheted ensemble.

Rocco soon learned that the first rule of Knitting & Fighting Club is that you don't use a stitch gauge.

Ever since he'd lost his job as an accountant, Richard had left his gray suits hanging in his closet and embarked on a quest to discover what his sartorial style really was.

Susana's grandma, besides being a former swimsuit model, had always been one not to waste anything, and when Susana inherited her grandmother's crocheted afghans, she thought the best way to honour her grandmother's memory was to put them to good use as a fetching bikini and coverup combo.

Christie had finally figured out how to stay warm and avoid any possibility of bruising during falls at the weekly Teen Fun Skate at the local rink. Now, she thought, she was already to go to the skate and meet some boys!

Coming up: Look for the Bergère de France Magazine #167 tomorrow morning.

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  1. My first sweater for my daughters (both wore it, different years) looked very much like the last picture! They were only 3 at the time, and thought it was wonderful, LOL! My firend helped me, said "knit to the shoulder". I did so, thinking top of the shoulder. NO, it was a raglan sweater, she meant the bottom of the shoulder blade!!! So, it turned into a knitted dress. Not a cowl neak, and it was faux cable, but it was almost the exact same color!